Yogi Adityanath carries the burden of people’s aspirations

YogiBy Santosh Bhartiya
Yogi Adityanath’s becaming Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister did not go down well with many people. They have a hunch that the BJP hopes to outdo its own performance of 2014 Lok Sabha in Uttar Pradesh, in which it had bagged 73 seats. In fact the party has boosted its chances of doing so by securing 325 Assembly seats in the recently concluded elections in the state. The BJP must be confident with the fact that Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister in Uttar Pradesh will not only help the party to reenact the magic of 2014, but also help better its tally, even if by two more MPs, and will pave the way for Prime Minister Modi to recapture the power in 2019.
Doing better in elections may be BJP’s dream, but people of Uttar Pradesh have an altogether different aspiration. The changes around them brought about by the alternating governments of the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party is quite palpable, but they now expect the government to bring “changes”, which have direct bearing on their lives. With Yogi at the helm of affairs, a large section of the people believes that he will immediately initiate all those schemes, which were only on paper and never taken off. Moreover, he has stoked expectations in every section of the society; now the responsibility of living up to those expectations falls on his own shoulder.
Over a period of time, law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh had deteriorated; the main defence of deteriorating law and order situation by Akhilesh Yadav as Chief Minister was “record of other states are worse than Uttar Pradesh”. Citing various sources, which collect crime-related data, he kept on saying that crime in Uttar Pradesh is lower than what is being trumpeted. When these allegations were made, Akhilesh was the chief minister of the state. Now the question is what did you do to counter or allay those allegations? Also, it is wrong to say that media did not favor Akhilesh Yadav or people familiar to him were oblivious of this fact. People in general were upset about functioning of police stations. They had assumed that the situation would never change, so what was the use of complaining? During Mayawati’s term as chief minister, crime was reined in, law and order was improved, but that was not enough on the part of government, as at best that may be termed as first few steps towards good governance. Mayawati did not keep the basic tasks of development of the people of the state in her priorities. Perhaps, this was one of the main factors that draw people towards the BJP. The first big responsibility on Yogi Adityanath’s shoulder is to improve the law and order situation. It has often been seen that if the Chief Minister were strict, then things improve because things are governed from the top. During past 15 years, Yogi Adityanath must have heard many such complaints, has must have met people and must be aware of their sufferings. Now, he can redress these lacunae, because he is unchallenged, he is the only decision maker, and there is no one in his cabinet who can become another power centre and prevent him from doing his job. Even after such favorable situation, the people of Uttar Pradesh do not get better law and order and basic developmental work, then it will not only be unfortunate for them, but also for the BJP and Yogi.
Uttar Pradesh is a state wherein people have experimented. Now there is less scope of experimentions and more of working on ground. New government should focus on energy, especially solar energy. Water is getting depleted and the situation of potable water has reached to the alarming level. There are many villages in Uttar Pradesh, which do not have potable water, which a self-created problem by governments as well as the people. Priorities of new government in Uttar Pradesh must include potable water and conservation of water whether by means of adopting old method of bawdy, or by water harvesting, or by other modern technology. If Yogi fails to do so, then there is no other way through which potable water can be supplied to every village. There is also considerable shortage of irrigation water. It is to be seen whether potable water along with the law and order issue fits into the priorities of Yogi Adityanath or not. Nobody will tell him that if he helps establish industry in every block of the state based on locally available raw materials, then he will generate lots of jobs. In such ventures there is no need for the government to invest money. If the government sets aside inherent red-tapism and corruption and grant licenses to people, then in every block locally available raw material-based industries can become a reality. Now the technology has evolved to such an extent that the buyers pick up goods from processing units itself. Installing a series of locally available raw material-based small scale industries should be Yogi Adityanath’s third priority.
His Fourth priority should be to improve education system and health services. If he improves education system and health services, then this would be like repaying his debt to the people Uttar Pradesh who gave him such a great majority and made him sit on Chief Minister’s chair.
If Yogi Adityanath will continue to his monitor the works done by his ministers, then his government will definitely be seen doing something for the people of Uttar Pradesh. But if he fails to keep tabs on his ministers or just allow them to deliver only ideological speeches, then there will much clamor but little development. If development will not happen, then everything will become useless for the people of Uttar Pradesh. The hope people vested their hopes in Yogi Adityanath, he is expected to deliver on those hopes.


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