Will Anna Go Political?

Team Anna seems all set for the 2014 General Elections. The waning public response of late has pushed them to do some serious rethinking and reworking of strategies. The Team had been camping for long in Himachal Pradesh without any media attention, and observers had speculated that the Team was trying to use the state as the seat of its first experiments at electoral politics, keeping in view the fact that Himachal is about to go to Assembly Elections. The Team had floated the idea that the people of the state should select non-Congress, non-BJP candidates as independents and the Anna movement would then support such candidates. While the Himachal campaign has cooled off in the wake of the July 2012 fast at Jantar Mantar, Anna and Team have made it amply clear that they are mulling over launching a political outfit which will be equidistant from the Congress and the BJP and this would be the people’s front (read Anna Front). Anna reiterated that he or his Team members would not contest the elections but will support honest independents who will be selected by the people.
There have been some serious differences within Team Anna over the question of launching a political outfit. The team has come to be divided into two factions: one for the motion and the other against the motion while Arvind Kejriwal has remained undecided. Kejriwal also realises that on the Lokpal issue he has nothing more to offer to the people as Parliament will be the ultimate arbiter of the matter. The team has demanded instituting a Special Investigative Team to initiate inquiries against 15 tainted Cabinet Ministers. But the fix is, what if the government turns the demand down which it is most likely to? In that case, the dominant thought within the Team is, the Team can go to the people and corner their sympathy over their own helplessness, which they would portray to be a result of an intransigent political outlook of the government. That would be the way out of their recent failures in attracting people the way they did in the last round of the movement against graft. Another factor that the Team will have to take cognisance of will be Ramdev who has his own political ambitions.


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