Why Should We Be Viewed As A Weak Country ? : Revamp The Intelligence Network

Again there were blasts in Hyderabad. These blasts will not stop. First of all, the state of our intelligence services is not as good as it used to be. But more than that, it is obvious that such acts are being done not by Indian nationals but by active participation from across the border. What can be done about that ? A lot. The Research and Analysis Wing ( RAW ) was an agency created to handle this aspect of international relations. Even as late as the Narasimha Rao Government in 1996, RAW was quite effective in handling situations which have their roots across the border. However, after Mr. Gujral became PM, and  he introduced the Gujral doctrine, the problem has been that the RAW setup has undergone a change. Whether Mr. Gujral envisaged that or not, I don’t know. But the fact on the ground is that RAW as it is today is not the same RAW as it was in 1996.  We are a poor country. We spend heavily on the Army, the police, and Intelligence agencies, RAW etc. Having decided to spend that money it is our duty to see that these institutions run effectively. The police, we know what is happening.  And the earlier the State Governments pull up the police the better it will be. But sticking to the problem at hand, unless RAW is reactivated to the pre 1996 situation, we will not be able to stop sporadic bomb blasts in one city or the other. We had a series of blasts, the biggest one in Mumbai in 2008. Till 2008 and now also, there have been blasts at regular intervals at different places. The composite dialogue process with Pakistan which we swear by has also lost its sheen. I am not suggesting that we should stop talking to Pakistan. But to say that the composite dialogue process is irreversible doesn’t make any sense. Surely, the trade ties have improved. Across the border trade is going on – all that should go on. But what they did recently on the Line of Control (LOC) is unacceptable. Our feeling is that if  RAW is reactivated all this will again ‘come down’. All nations in international relations follow a policy of what is possible what is not.  Pakistan today feels India is a weak party and goes on trying to provoke us or send people across the border or create violations on the Line of Control. Once they know India also means business — these things by the natural process they also take decision in their Foreign Ministry, Army etc. — in the natural process things will cool down. I don’t  know if the present Prime Minister is inclined to apply his mind to these matters or what is the Cabinet Committee on Security’s view, but they need to urgently deal with this matter. The present Home Minister is a sinecure appointment – this job is beyond him. He gives statements which make no sense and only infuriates the Opposition and he has to withdraw his statement. The Home Minister’s position is a very important one and he should not lose his authority by these kind of statements. However, I think the Cabinet Committee on Security under the Prime Minister should seriously look into this matter, the National Security Advisor should be ‘activated’ and urgent, urgent steps should be taken to revamp RAW. That is the first requirement in the light of what is happening.


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