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Aung San Su


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u Kyi is using her newly found freedom to visit western countries, ostensibly to further boost her already high international profile. She has got an honorary civil law doctorate from Oxford University, 19 years after it was awarded to her. Suu Kyi, now 67, was under house arrest in Burma for more than two decades. She was placed under house arrest by the military and not released until November 2010. She had become the leader of Burma’s pro-democracy movement in 1988.
The President of Burma, Thein Sien, is also likely to visit the United Kingdom later in 2012. This would be the first visit by a Burmese head of state in half a century to its former colonial ruler. All this does not augur well for China and the Chinese reaction is a testimony to it. Chinese state media has warned that the quasi-civilian government of Burma is rushing through a lot of reforms which create a danger of the rise of many forms of extremisms and the transplantation in the country of western-style democracy, which it claims, is not the panacea for all the woes of Burma.
China has been wooing Burma for quite long as Burma forms an important link in its ‘string of pears’ strategy to encircle India. The Indian Ocean rivalry between India and China has seen Burma react in a very cautious fashion of late. The small country has tried to steer clear of any definite inclination towards either as the pitfalls of it may be far reaching.
Since India shifted to its soft power approach which necessitated that it abandons the policy of refusal to acknowledge the military junta’s rule in Burma and move to a more engaging strategy, China has been cagey while the Burmese
government has been quite responsive. The Kaladan Multi-Modal Project on river Sittwe is just one case in point.
It is a welcome development for India that Suu Kyi and Thein Sein have decided to come out of their hibernation. It will surely reduce the dependence of Burma on China, increasing the former’s bargaining power against the latter. But Burma must not bend over backwards to be identified with the western powers also.


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