What Guides India’s Responses to China? : THE REAL SHOCKING STORY

Our country’s last few Army Chiefs had repeatedly warned the Government that the real danger for us is not Pakistan, but China, but it appears that our Government policy makers and prominent people running the Government for some reasons brought China under their ‘influence’. The actual and real form of that danger has been appearing before us for the last four months.
On the Indo-China border, China has been sitting pretty at several places it has captured. Somewhere it has constructed posts and somewhere it has put up just tents. China is not giving any importance to what India’s Foreign Minister, Defense Minister and the Prime Minister are saying, because it knows that the Government of India’s threat is not a threat, it is just a sham. No Minister of the Government of India is giving a warning to China in clear cut words. The Indian army appears to roar in front of Pakistan, but in front of the Chinese Army, its condition seems to be that of a mouse in front of a cat.
Many important reasons are behind this, whose ‘layers’ the people of India should delve into, because the Government has deliberately ‘built up’ these reasons. The people of India should understand the fact that in the past few years, the Indian market has deliberately been opened for Chinese goods. Goods from China have now become a part of our lives. This has not happened without a cause or reason. China must certainly have provided some ‘help’ to officials and Ministers of the Government of India when they went abroad, as the entire Indian market, which includes small scale and large industries has gone into the ‘possession’ of China and Indian manufacturers have gradually been edged out of the market. Nobody has paid any attention to this problem. The Indian market being hollowed out by China has never been a cause or issue of concern or anxiety for the Parliament of India, the Government of India or the political parties. Perhaps today nobody will search for the reasons, but history will never forgive such people who destroyed and ruined the Indian market to promote Chinese interests.
The most dangerous thing that the Government of India has done is to fill our entire telecommunication sector with Chinese equipment. In the Government telecom sector, 90 per cent of whatever is in use is made in China and that is why any conversation we have is directly reaching someone or can be accessed by someone sitting in Beijing or Indian Spy Centers which have been set up by Beijing. All our information, whether it is on defense, whether it is related to politics, whether it is trade-related, or whatever plans the Government makes, they reach China before they reach the people of India or the Indian media. All our servers, our whole telecommunication sector and each and everything in it has been manufactured by China. Therefore, the day China wants, it can bring our communication system to a standstill. China has complete details of our technology and thereby the capacity to interfere with it. The doors of the court should open immediately for those Governments which played a role in making these decisions, or those officials with whom Ministers sided, and they should also be put on public trial or a public interest litigation should be filed against them.
Now another dangerous situation has been created. A Chinese satellite is doing the rounds of the Indian sky and that Chinese satellite has been procured on rent by a prominent industrialist. When a Chinese satellite was being procured by Sri Lanka, Indian Intelligence agencies had protested strongly because they felt that this satellite could spy on all our security and all our information would come into the hands of China. But now, despite opposition from Indian Intelligence agencies, a prominent industrialist has ‘hired’ a Chinese satellite. This industrialist is well known for influencing those running the Governments, and Government officials. How the Government of India gave the go-ahead to use this satellite despite the warnings of security agencies is in itself not only an issue that is a mystery, but also a subject for research. Who are the Ministers or the Prime Minister directly involved in granting the permission, who have made a deal against the interests of the country?

China is not giving any importance to what India’s Foreign Minister, Defense Minister and the Prime Minister are saying, because it knows that the Government of India’s threat is not a threat, it is just a sham. No Minister of the Government of India is giving a warning to China in clear cut words. The Indian Army appears to roar in front of Pakistan, but in front of the Chinese Army, its condition seems to be that of a mouse in front of a cat.

That is why today India is neither able to warn China nor is it able get its land that is being held by China vacated. China wants to teach a lesson to America and this is the right time when China can defy American supremacy. To teach America a lesson, China does not need to attack America. To teach America a lesson it needs essentially to teach a lesson only to India or to attack it. If China attacks India and India loses its north-east to China, America will be regarded as the weakest ‘power’ in the world and China will be recognised as the Number One power. In our north-east, neither is there military preparedness nor is there political preparedness. What we have constructed or set up in the north-east, anybody can learn of it by looking at Google Earth. Our Army too is not fully prepared there – this is also frequently published in the world’s military affairs publications.
The last Army Chief had written about 6 or 7 letters to the Prime Minister in which the Prime Minister was directly apprised of the state of preparedness of the Army. It was given directly to the Prime Minister because our Babudom and our bureaucracy sit down coiled on the needs of the Army and from here begins the series of corruption and commissions. The news that was leaked from the Defense Ministry or the Prime Minister’s Office had said that the last Army Chief had written in his letter to the Prime Minister that if we go to war with China or Pakistan, we have ammunition for 3 to 6 days, not more ammunition than that.
The Prime Minister’s Office has not replied to this truth, but instead there was an investigation on ‘from where this leakage of the letter had occurred’. We believe that the Army must have improved its position in the matter of ammunition and that we must certainly have enough ammunition to continue fighting for months, because who is supreme in international politics, that tournament is about to start. And the stiffest competitor in this competition is our neighbour China which has to show its dominance over America and to show this dominance and supremacy over America it will be easiest to do so by attacking India. This will be exactly the same step which India had taken in 1971 at the time of the Partition of Bangladesh– at that time Bangladesh was East Pakistan and in simmering, disgruntled East Pakistan, our Army could not fight openly. In this situation Shrimati Indira Gandhi made a plan to attack West Pakistan and Lahore was attacked. The Indian attack on Lahore did not give an opportunity to Western Pakistan to send reinforcements to East Pakistan and East Pakistan became independent in the form of Bangladesh. Pakistan got many of its soldiers imprisoned by Indian hands and lost on the western front too. Now China is about to adopt exactly the same strategy and it also appears to be successful in doing so, because the Indian Army is sitting on the border like a wet cat.
China will attack India, that is before our eyes like a truth written on the wall, but why the Government of India has closed its eyes to this fact we do not know. The Bharatiya Janata Party along with many other parties are not being able to recognise this truth. Three months ago, only Mulayam Singh Yadav outlined this truth and he said openly that the Indian Army seems to be weakening before the Chinese. Mulayam Singh Yadav has been the Defense Minister of India and it is obvious that he must know something more about some of the situations of our Army. Therefore, in the light of his statement, the Government of India should save itself from perpetrating such a big fraud on the country. To investigate how a Chinese satellite is doing the rounds of our skies, an impartial party of MPs should be entrusted with the task or the Supreme Court should intervene and find out how the permission was given for the Chinese satellite and in what manner our whole telecommunication sector, which is our sensitive and vulnerable part, went into the ‘possession’ of the Chinese. What is the truth in this regard should come out before the country.
We consider the Army in India to be the most powerful and the bravest, but the jawans of the Army keep sacrificing their lives, yet in their hands there are neither good weapons, nor ammunition, nor technical support and the chests of just 120 crores of people should keep taking bullets and fall silent, what can be more treasonous than that? We can only appeal to the people of India to open their eyes, create and put pressure on the Government of India, and try to find out too how all these acts of treason took place and who is responsible for them and how? And those who are responsible, the noose of the law should be put around them, otherwise in this war for supremacy between China and America we will, in reality be ground like insects or weevils.


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