Vivek Oberoi’s KLPD

Actor Vivek Oberoi is busy in promoting his upcoming film ‘Kismat Love PaisaDelhi’ which is scheduled for release on 5 October. He gave an imprint of his upcoming movie where he plays a role of a Punjabi guy who likes flirting with girls and said that the movie would ‘engulf’ the culture and night life of Delhi.  Vivek is doing  promotional activities with a lot of enthusiasm by taking part in reality shows and events. In addition, he is seen talking to people on a number of issues and encouraging people to do the right things for the society.  He addressed the need for prioritising other sports apart from cricket and suggested reality shows as the best medium. As part of his film’s promotion, he also appeared in a reality show from the production house of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra. n


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