Unlimited power bad for people

By Santosh Bhartiya
Attempts are being made to convince people that the information reaching to them are gospel truth.
Earlier they glued to the TV to watch news, because they found some new information and some
analysis on those information, but now they have become sources of entertainment. People started
ignoring them and turning towards entertainment channels, and if at all they watch news channels they
watch them as entertainment channels. Now they are more and more dependent on newspapers for

It being fed by all means that there is no substitute to the present government – government means
Prime Minister Modi. Strangely, none of the 125 crore people, who are often invoked by the Prime
Minister in his public speeches, is capable enough to fit into the prime minister’s shoes. The Mainstream
media, newspapers and social media took upon themselves to indoctrinate gullible masses with the
narrative that the opposition is averse to development; people in opposition are traitors or at least not
patriots. At the same time, people are being told that they should not think about themselves or about
the country beyond a certain limit.
In 2014, the present government came to power riding on campaign trail that opened up a treasure
trove of promises. One of the promises the current Prime Minister made during his campaign was “I will
be a pradhan sevak [head servant] instead of a prime minister”. Now people are told by social media,
television channel and newspaper that forget about the promises the pradhan sevak had made during
run up to the elections. Government minister Nitin Gadkari and party president Amit Shah have gone as
far as calling the promise of “achche din” was good-for- nothing election jumla (rhetoric). Similarly, prime
minister’s promise of Rs 15 lakh in every account of countrymen was branded as jumla by Amit Shah.
People took achche din promise on face value and thought jobs, good roads, water, education and
health will become available to them in short time.
When Modi maintains that nothing has happened in the last 70 years, he includes three years of his own
tenure and six years of Atal Bihar Vajpayee rein. He does not want to be reminded of Morarji’s
government, which Atal ji and Advaniji were part of. People voted you in with the hope that you will
correct the mistakes committed in 70 years, and provide basic amenities like road, electricity, water,
health and communication. We move towards cashless and digital India, which probably were not poll
promises. Still our mobile network continued to gives call drops. Ironically, today I experienced three call
drops while talking to a minister. So this is the state our communication system is in. The things for
which government was voted in did not happen. What is happening is well known to you – that is
At this point of time, we are being told that the country has no alternative to the present government
for 2019 that is why the ruling party is thinking of 2022. Common man is not supposed to ask who
exactly will get a roof over his/her head as promised for 2022. Individual builders, through media, are

asking to book flat under the bait of Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme at such and such rates. In fact
those who have houses, have money to take benefit of this scheme. What about those who do not have
money to own houses of their own, and who voted you in with lot of hope? The country’s 60 percent
people have voted you in the hope that you will do something for those who are homeless, those who
lack resources to provide food and education to their families, and those who are afflicted with
malnutrition, but they figure nowhere in your scheme. In this backdrop how many of them will get their
own houses by 2022? Those who already have their houses will take benefit of the scheme. Neither the
government nor the banks tell as to how the poor would get their home. I know at least 15-20 people of
humble background who have applied for home loans but they have not yet benefitted from the
scheme, they are still waiting for their number to come. It also suggests that the art of manipulating
computer has been mastered in digital India which is complemented by the thievery of Rs. 40 lakh from
people accounts on the basis of Aadhaar card. Today, these account holders are crying, in days to come
a lot of people will cry when their accounts will be embezzled. So far the farmers have been committing
stress suicide and now even the businessmen will start doing so. Why did this situation come? Was this
government elected to see such things? The government or our propaganda machinery says that do not
think about it, just think that there is no alternative to the present government.
On the other side spectrum, the opposition appears to be worthless, people of the mindset of Atal Bihari
Vajpayee, L.K. Advani and Chandrashekar, V.P. Singh, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia and Jay Prakash Narayan
have disappeared. Atal ji is unwell and even cannot speak, Advani ji have been bundled out, he has also
kept mum, and rest of them are no more. Had they been alive, they would have been branded as
traitors by people in proximity to power. What do we infer from this? Does the country want to break
the party system? Or political parties are not bringing people’s problems to the fore. Political parties are
not even caring about addressing the problem of their core support base. The question bobs up, has our
political system become irrelevant? The contradiction has aggravated to such an extent that the people
of the country should think to bring those in power who will have the complete roadmap of the country.
The World Bank has issued a report on which newspapers and television made lots of hue and cry. It is a
complete lie. It is not clear whether this report is actually brought in the World Bank or it is the
handiwork of the people of our country who have been employed by the World Bank. Will this take the
country forward and provide food, jobs, and healthcare? Heath service has become out of reach of the
poor. Did the people vote the government to tangle themselves in such situation? It is high time for us
to think over political structure afresh. If we don’t think over it we will keep behaving like a pendulum or
become an expectation. It will not benefit us.
Now the people who question the promised moon have come under danger. There is a difference
between the Congress government and the present one. During Congress rule one could criticize the
government or the people related to the government. Today if you criticize the government, you will be
arrested, and the government will bring a Rajasthan-like ordinance on which the BJP has even said a
word. There is a provision in this Ordinance that prohibits filing FIR against any legislator, MP, minister
or officer.

All these things are being introduced into our society, in our democratic system. These undemocratic
things are plated to the people in the name of democracy. This party system is not competent enough to
deal with this situation; therefore, there is a need for Extra Parliamentary Opposition. Jaiprakash ji also
used to say that there is a need for Extra Parliamentary system in this country, that is, the people speak
their mind and interfere in the natter. Who will do this? You will do this, you should do this, I am asking
you to think over it; do not think about a new political party. Think of such people who are in front of
you, many people in the country are in front of you. This may be a student, a young man, a labor leader,
a teacher, a professor, an industrialist, a journalist or a bureaucrat, but he/she should be honest, and
who have clear roadmap for the country. It is duty of the people to find out who among them can take
the country forward.
I do not have any readymade formula, but I can request you that if you do not think in this way, you will
astray into the no-alternative direction and the country is carrying the procession of dead in the name of
the opposition. What can be said about the opposition? People want to support you, but you are making
mockery of it. Gujarat election is an example of this. In Gujarat people are ready to support Congress,
but the Congress is not ready to support them. The party is involved in dilly-dallying, and the rest like
Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh, Mamta Banerjee of West Bengal are seen indifferent to the Gujarat
elections. Mulayam Singh has completely disappeared. Nitish ji is now with the BJP, but the BJP did not
give him a single seat in Gujarat. Where on earth did Sharad Pawar disappear, nobody knows, Soniaji is
silent. To get out of this darkness one has to light a few candles, and that can be done by you. Non-
political, intelligent people among 125 crores will have to be encouraged to stand up and talk about the
country and come forward take care of the country.


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