Unexpected turbulence

Why does it not surprise to learn that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has no clue what its parent, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, is up to? Sources point out an interesting instance of the DGCA appointing Y. Tongia, a former chief of a flying academy, as chief overseeing training regulations in India’s some 40-odd flying schools. The only problem is that the ministry has recommended that Tonga be examined by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) for alleged financial irregularities at his previous employer. Apparently, Tongia’s name was recommended for appointment in February last year by the Union Public Service Commission. When the appointment was delayed, Tongia approached the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and got it cleared. Now DGCA chief E.K. Bharat Bhushan, to whom Tongia will report, has written to the civil aviation secretary Dr. S. Nasim Zaidi arguing that IB security clearance for Tongia can be obtained after appointment. Zaidi naturally does not agree, and cites a Home Ministry’s report which denied security clearance to Tongia. Who will prevail?


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