Unemployed Youths Taken For A Ride Fake SAIL Office Busted

In the Chandauli District of Uttar Pradesh, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police, Varanasi, with the help of local police recently busted a fake office running in the name of the Steel Authority of India (SAIL). Before the police raid, the owner of the office took crores of rupees from hundreds of unemployed youths by swindling them in the name of jobs. The owner fled from Chandauli District after the raid.
The fake office had been running in the name of SAIL for the last six months _ close to the District Head Quarters of Chandauli District of Uttar Pradesh. The Director of the office travelled in an Indigo car with a red VIP light on its top. Although there was no banner or board in the office, after entering the luxurious office it became difficult to imagine that such a big ‘fraud’ was being run on such a large scale in the office. At that time the DIG of Varanasi, A. Satish, was in Chandauli to meet police officials on matters related to law and order of the district. Some local people went to meet him and demanded an investigation into the ‘fraud’ that was taking place in the name of SAIL. The DIG immediately ordered officials to raid the office. The police entered the fake office and checked the documents. They interrogated 12 boys and a girl who was present there and brought them to the Sadar Police Station. Simultaneously, all the computers and other documents in the office were sealed. But the police could not arrest the Director of the office. He fled successfully just before the raid. The youths who were brought to the police station revealed that they had been recruited for office work at Rs. 15 to 20 thousand per month. But till date they hadn’t received any payment for it. The most astonishing fact was that the son of the owner of the building in which the fake office was situated had also been recruited for office work. Every youth who was working in the office had hopes that this was just the beginning, and a few months later, when their payments would be made then their life would improve appreciably. But the Director put paid to their dreams and fled with crores of rupees which were collected and submitted by them. The youth also told the police that there was another branch of this office running in Chitaipur at Varanasi. On being given this information, the police raided the Varanasi office also. The police arrested a person in the Varanasi branch, but he was released after interrogation. This person had been recruited as a ‘Chief Warden’. He was too was lured into employment by showing him dreams of a golden future. Krishna Mohan, Superintendent of Police, Chandauli said that a case has been registered against this ‘fraud’. Both the offices in Chandauli and Varanasi have been closed. The police are searching for the Directors of the office Arvind Sinha and Arimardan Singh.

Large Scale Forgery & Fraud in the Northern Region

The fake office which was running in the name of the Steel Authority of India (SAIL) in Chandauli was not the only example. In the name of networking, dozens of such fake companies have established  themselves in the district. Not only this, the pursuit of nefarious activities is at its peak point on a large scale  in Varanasi and other districts of the Northern region. Due to closing of factories, unemployed youth are getting sucked and trapped in  fake ventures, fraud and forgeries and the numbers of are increasing day by day. It is not possible that the police do not know about these rackets. Not to take necessary action or follow necessary proceedings and to act as if they are not in the know of things has become the norm of the police. This proves that all these fake pursuits are running under the protection of white collared and influential persons in high positions. That is why the police administration is acting as if they are ignorant of the facts. After all, what else the police department can do? The police have less reach then these influential people. Therefore though they know everything,  their best option is to remain innocent.


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