Toshiba unveils the PS20 LED Power TV in India

Toshiba has launched the all new series of PS20 LED Power TV in India. It is from their Power TV line-ups. The TV features a narrow bezel measuring at a mere 17mm. Toshiba claims that this is a masterpiece that will be acclaimed by home entertainment and design enthusiasts, alike. The thin bezel enhances the fusion of elegance and superior TV viewing experience. The brand claims that the new PS20 LED TV is sure to get you mesmerised by its slimmer edges and minimalistic Narrow Bezel design and its Regza Engine technology will provide unique life like picture quality.
The design of the Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV is an engineering feat that provides a form factor that blends into any environment. When powered on, vibrant picture illuminates the screen from nearly edge to edge. The Toshiba PS20 comes with support for 28 video formats playback, which can be enjoyed whether they are on a USB drive or a HDD. Users can playback most of the popular video formats commonly available in the market for sharing convenience on various model sizes. Its market price starts from Rs. 32,990.


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