The Soundpad from Atoll improves upon a great idea

the-soundpad-from-atoll-impBeing able to hear our music and television programs is rather important to us. Using your tablet as your main entertainment hub is good and well, but you’re likely going to want better speakers than what came standard on your device. Of course, this is merely one more gizmo to bring around with you. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our essential gadgets had every feature we wanted and came in a compact package? If you have an iPad, chances are you’ve fallen prey to the smart cover. They’re clever and useful, but they don’t even really protect your whole tablet. Should it happen to have a premium Bluetooth loudspeaker system in it, then it might be a more valid option. The SoundPad for iPad is just that, with 4 built-in speakers that will give you wireless sound that won’t be an extra burden to carry around. It still works as a magnetic screen protector just as the smart cover did, with the same functions of putting your iPad on standby or waking it up when you cover or uncover it. These are available for Air, the classic iPad, and the Mini. You can choose from white, black, green, blue, or red. Seeing that the speakers will be facing you, the sound will obviously be greatly improved already, but they’re making it sound as if the speakers will do the lows and highs justice. However, that remains to be seen.
Price: Rs 8000. (the price doesn’t change depending on what kind of iPad it is for).


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