The rockaRoo Baby Rocker – save your arms from a surprisingly heavy bundle of joy

the-rockroo-baby-rockerAny parent can acknowledge that your arms are perpetually going to be tired if you have a kid. Children are often the most comfortable being in the embrace of their parents, and for babies, they don’t really have a choice in the matter. As we are only human, having a rocking chair for your little one to hang out in for a while does everyone a bit of good. If you like having the best of the best for…everything, then the rockaRoo might be a good option for a rocking chair. This is a low to the ground, self-rocking seat with a mobile that has removable toys to distract your little bundle of joy. If that isn’t enough, there’s also the option to plug in your smartphone and let them ‘rock’ out to some tunes. Even though it has five rocking speeds, try to stay away from any form of metal (it probably couldn’t keep up). The fabric on the seat is easy to remove, and is thankfully machine washable. You only need to plug this in for it to start rocking away, and it can support children up to 25 pounds. This will only be relevant until your child can sit up without help though, so it does make this purchase something you’ll have to think over. If this was also a phone dock, that would make this closer to being worth the price, and also kind of hilarious. Should you need it, there’s also a newborn insert for when you have a teeny-tiny tot. Price: Rs 11100.


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