The Rechargeable Sensor Pump won’t let germs spread

the-rechargeable-sensor-pumThe best thing about going into an automatic bathroom is that you don’t have to touch anything. No touching handles to flush the toilet, turn on the sink, press down the soap dispenser, or crank out paper towels. While a few germs aren’t going to kill you, having a facility you don’t have to touch seems rather necessary in high-traffic areas. While your kitchen may not be a high-traffic area, that is where a lot of raw foods are prepared, and you don’t really want chicken juice traveling into the living room or elsewhere. While you likely already have some form of soap sitting next to your sink in the kitchen, chances are it’s a hand-pump. If you touch the top of the pump and wash your hands, there’s still going to be whatever was on your hands on the top of the pump. If you want to move to a motion-sensor method, then the Rechargeable Sensor Pump would be a good option. You can control how much comes out of the pump, and it is rechargeable as the name suggests. The sensor is said to be precise so you don’t have to worry about it dropping soap on your counter if you’re too close. It can dispense in 0.2 seconds, and is extremely easy to refill. This takes gel soap, so if you love foam soap you’ll have to look elsewhere. This charges via USB, and you’ll have your option between an 8 fluid ounce white, or an 8 or 11 fluid ounce brushed nickel container. This will make keeping your hands clean in the kitchen or bathroom simple, without the fear that some germs may still be lingering.
Price : Anywhere from `3600-4200 depending on the size you’re wanting.


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