The Invisible Speaker

the-invisible-speakerThis is the wireless speaker that remains hidden inside a lampshade and streams music from any audio source, eliminating the need to hardwire speakers throughout a home. The speaker simply screws into a lamp socket and music from an iPhone, television, or computer is transmitted to the speaker up to 200′ away by the included 2.4 GHz base station that simply plugs into the devices with the included component and 3.5mm cables. The speaker’s 25-watt amplifier and 3″ driver deliver clear, rich sound and the speaker is powered by the lamp itself to eliminate additional cords. The unit comes with a harp that accommodates any lampshade, and a bulb up to 75-watts screws into the top of the speaker to maintain the lamp’s full lighting capabilities. The included remote allows users to adjust the volume and turn the light on or off. Up to four speakers (one included; additional units sold below) connect to the base station at once. 5 1/2″ Diam. x 10″ H. (3 1/4 lbs.)
Price : Rs. 10824.


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