The Human Body Exposed : 10 Weird Facts Abour the Human Body

Can you really be born with a tail? Are men more likely to have a third nipple? And what’s the deal with webbed toes? Get the facts about some of our oddest body parts…

People born with tails:

  •  It’s real
  •  Urban myth

Correct Answer: It’s real
It’s rare, but sometimes a baby is born with what looks like a tail. It’s really extra spinal bones that grew longer than normal or out of place. A “pseudo tail” may be more common in people born with conditions like spina bifida. A surgeon can often remove it without problems.

The tissue flap that hangs at the back of your throat helps with:

  •  Breathing evenly
  •  Keeping food out of your lungs
  •  Keeping your throat from getting dry

Correct Answer: Keeping your throat from getting dry
Experts aren’t sure why humans have a uvula and other mammals do not. This strange, tongue-like flap of tissue at the back of your throat makes lots of saliva.

Who’s more likely to have more than two nipples?

  •  A man
  •  A woman

Correct Answer: A man
If you’re a member of the triple nipple club, you’re probably a guy. You could also have more than three. You might mistake the extra(s) for moles or warts.

Webbed fingers and toes:

  •  Grow apart on their own
  •  Need surgery

Correct Answer: Need surgery
A doctor usually needs to separate webbed fingers or toes. Sometimes it’s just skin that holds them together. In other cases, though, they share blood vessels and bones. How common is it? About 1 in every 2,500 babies has webbed fingers, or syndactyly.

It’s OK if your kid has double rows of teeth.

  •  True
  •  False

Correct Answer: True
Your school-age kid’s two rows of teeth might look a little weird, but don’t stress too much. About one-third of children still have their baby teeth when their adult ones start to sprout behind them. You’ll usually spot it in the bottom row first. If the baby teeth stick around too long, they can cause crowding and other problems, so talk to your dentist. He may need to take them out, though they often fall out on their own.

Only boys have Adam’s apples.

  •  True
  •  False

Correct Answer: False
Some girls have them, too! That small, round bump in the front of the throat is actually the voice box, or larynx, which grows during puberty. In boys, the voice box grows bigger, which is why you can see their Adam’s apples. It’s also what makes their voices deeper.

Some dimples go away as you get older.

  •  True
  •  False

Correct Answer: True
Those cute hollows in your baby’s cheeks might not always be there. Dimples happen where the muscles in your face meet. You can see them when one of the larger muscles moves. But they can change over time or disappear. If you have dimples, you’re more likely to have kids with them.

What does your appendix do?

  •  Nothing
  •  Stores Bacteria
  •  It depends who ask

Correct Answer: It depends who you ask
Your appendix has long been thought of as a bit of a slacker. Some experts think it doesn’t even have a job. After all, you’ll be fine without it. But some scientists think the appendix stores good bacteria until we need them for digesting food.
(Reviewed by William Blahd, MD)


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