The Evil Chair


Modernity has been defined, among other things, by common workspaces where myriad people come together and work under a single roof called offices. Coupled with that, the modern world has also been rife with competition that calls for long working hours to get that cutting edge against others in the market. A modern lifestyle is ironically so ‘fast’ that it has become altogether ‘sedentary’. The best business management practices demand that workers stick to their seats and not stroll around to save work-hours and put them to productive use. But all this has put the human body to stress and strain of an unnatural kind. We cannot change the times or the rules of the game of this present predicament so the best way is to avoid them as much as possible through exercise and precaution.
One of the most common lifestyle-related diseases that has tormented office goers, from executives to office clerks, is back pain. Apart from other things, back pain is caused by long hauls in a chair in a fixed position. Also sitting for long hours in a chair in the wrong posture may both cause and add to the problem. Long office hours may hurt your back, specifically the spinal cord, causing backache.
Most backaches, which strain your lower back, are caused, among other things, by sitting in a wrong posture for long hours while working. Most of the office chairs that people work sitting in do not suit their body and do not provide adequate back support. The stress of poor posture can change the anatomy of the spine, which may cause constricted blood vessels and nerves as well as problems with muscles, discs and joints. All of these can be major contributors to headaches, fatigue, and may possibly affect major organs and breathing. Sloppy chairs or wrong sitting posture may alter the proper line of weight distribution of the body which puts greater strain on muscles that fall in this wrong line of weight transmission. Wrong and long postures sometimes may lead to ‘postural muscle spasm’.
Also experts say that acute and chronic pain becomes the real problem because even if a person gets medication or rest, he/she returns to the same sedentary working in wrong postures. Correct posture is the simplest way to keep away most of the causes of backache.



*  Sit up with your back straight. Your buttocks should touch the back of your chair.
*  Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips.
*  Avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes. 
*  Bend your knees at a right angle. Keep your knees even with or slightly higher than your hips. Do not cross your legs and keep your feet flat on the floor. 



The simplest solution to prevent or handle back pain or neck pain is to use an ergonomic office chair because back support is especially important for patients who spend many hours sitting in an office chair. Changing a chair is more than just cosmetic stuff. Correct posture requires each part of the body to be in alignment with the adjoining parts which keeps all body parts balanced and supported.


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