The Cooling Mist Fan will keep you cool as a cucumber

the-cooling-mist-fan-will-kDuring the winter months, we can add layers, start up a fire, turn on the heat, or a variety of other options when we’re cold. When it’s hot out, there are only so many layers you can take off. All we can hope for is the air conditioning to work, and lots of cold water. Of course, if you have a fair deal of disposable income, then you might be able to purchase something like the Cooling Mist Fan. This has a 48 ounce tank that can dispense cool water into the air for up to 9 hours. It will lower the temperature of any room, and can help humidify a room if you’re dealing with hot heat rather than humid heat. There are 3 wind modes and 3 speeds to choose from, so you don’t only have options of high and low. There is a remote, so you can control the functions of this mister from the comfort of your seat. If it’s not as hot outside, you can use just the humidifier or fan separately. There is a window so you can see the water levels so you’ll know when you need to refill, and an internal motor overheat protector so it can’t crap out on you when you need it. The main unit plugs into a standard AC outlet, and the remote will need two AAA batteries to function. This may pay for itself if it helps lower your air conditioning bills (though it would drive up your electric and water consumption…so never mind).
Price: Around Rs 11400.


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