The Best Personal Steam Inhaler

the-best-personal-steam-inhThis handheld steam inhaler is ranked the highest in every test conducted by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, from steaming effectiveness, to comfort, to ease of use. The Best Personal Steam Inhaler’s patented capillary force vapor technology produces a micromist of 5-micron steam that panelists described as “comfortably warm without being overwhelming,” unlike lesser units that sprayed droplets of hot water. The Best model requires no warm-up and produces germ-free vapor for up to 25 minutes, far surpassing models that needed five minutes to heat up and ran dry after just seven minutes. Its flexible rubber mask contours to the shape of your face so that steam cannot escape, and a temperature control keeps the mist between a comfortable 105° F and 115° F. Of all tested models, it was the only one that was self-drying, didn’t require clean up, and remained cool to the touch. Includes carrying bag and 280 ml of demineralised water. Plugs into AC. 11″ H x 4″ W x 3″ L. (2 lbs.)  Price: Rs 9300.


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