The All Day Fitness Watch

the-all-day-fitness-watchThis is the watch that tracks resting heart rate, calories burned, and overall activity and rates your fitness. The device compares your current resting heart rate to the average reading from the past week and assesses a fitness score. As fitness improves resting heart rate decreases (athletes average 49-59 BPM) and the fitness score allows you to track progress and set goals. An integrated accelerometer detects all movement, enabling the watch to automatically track how much time you spend moving each day and calculates calories burned from exercise and daily activities. Also ideal for exercising, the watch provides heart rate readings simply by touching the face and it has a pedometer, chronograph, and countdown timer. The timepiece also displays the date and has an alarm. Stainless steel bezel and polyurethane band. Splash-resistant. Face: 1 1/2″ W x 2″ L. (4 oz.)
Price : Rs. 5430


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