Terrorist Hafiz dictates Pak Govt to set him free

Hafiz-SaeedIs Pakistan trying to dodge international community with its palpable tricks?

Pakistani media has reported that Jamaat-ud Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed has asked the Pakistan government to immediately remove his name from a list that bars him from leaving the country, claiming he was neither a security risk nor his outfit ever engaged in terrorist activities.

In a letter to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, in which 166 people died, said: “A memorandum issued on January 30, 2017 placing 38 individuals should be withdrawn forthwith.”

Hafiz Saeed is currently under house arrest. How he is being allowed to write to Interior Minister directly? Even if he has written a letter why did Pakistan Government make the letter public? Is it not unusual that a terrorist is asking the government to withdraw a list of known terrorist? Pakistan needs to answer these questions and its claim to fight terror.


The government last month put Saeed and 37 other leaders of JuD and his Falah-e-Insaniyat charity on Exit Control List. It also put Saeed and four other leaders of the organisations under “house arrest” for 90 days for engaging in activities “prejudicial” to peace and security. Additionally, the interior ministry put JuD and FIF on a “watch-list” for six months.

But Saeed contended the government decisons saying: “The JuD has never been involved in any terrorist activity in Pakistan and no incident of any terrorism or destruction of property was ever alleged against the organisation.” He argued that no material has ever been produced by federal or provincial governments against him in a court of law.

He cited an observation of a full-bench of the Lahore High Court in a 2009 case against him. The court had said: “In the present case the government is not in possession of any evidence that the petitioners are risk to the security of Pakistan and merely on the basis of the UN Resolution their liberty cannot be curtailed.”

It seems that Hafiz Saeed’s stature in Pakistan is such that He can dictate terms even being under arrest. It seems Pakistani Government is not able to handle the pressure. That’s why it is creating a ground for Hafiz’s release and shows it as a judicial decision.


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