Take Decisions On Merit, Not Under Pressure

The Government seems to be going further and further into a corner.  Foreign policy, which was started at the time of Independence, was carried on throughout and was not changed even by the non-Congress Morarji Desai  Government in 1977 when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Foreign Minister.  Later on, other non-Congress Governments came but they all agreed that  the foreign policy should remain consistent with India’s stand against  colonialism, for human rights, civil liberties etc. Now, we see a funny situation that one of the allies of the Congress party has forced the Congress party to pass a resolution which goes completely against whatever our policy has been for all these years. I must congratulate Mamata Banerjee  who has already broken away from the Congress. But she has supported the Congress party as far as the foreign policy is concerned. This is a very nationalistic view she has taken.  It shows that her political maturity and understanding is far better than that of the present allies of the Congress party and even better than that of the people in the Congress party.  The Prime Minister is a very mature person.  I fail to understand what is the pressure under which he did this.  The maximum that the allies can do is to withdraw support. Even then the Government will not fall. If the Government falls, there is nothing lost because elections in any case are coming. So I think it is a very high price this Government has paid to save a lame duck government. Similarly another loss is the Amendment in the Criminal Law. First of all, the Amendment should not have been done in a hurry. The Verma Committee has suggested various things. These should have been maturely discussed.  There has been a Criminal Law in this country all these years.  You can’t suddenly change the law because of one incident in Delhi, however serious, cruel, gory it was. These matters need maturity even MPs have said that in the Lok Sabha. The age of consent it is high time, with the changing society and with the changing times, the age of consent should be reduced. There is nothing wrong with that suggestion. But the BJP and other parties forced the Government and they stuck to the age of 18. Similarly, on other issues, like stalking, sms, messages etc., I think we are going the other way. Even the women and girls section don’t  want that boys should stop talking to them or approaching them. It is only harassment or force that the boys apply that should be checked.  In the guise of preventing men from misbehaving with women, this law will discourage socio contact between men and women. That is not the intention. Even the women don’t want that. So all these laws, as Sharad Yadav correctly said in the Lok Sabha, should have a long term view, instead of passing them in a hurry and then rescinding them. Then there is the issue of misuse of the law. You are giving more power to the police  as it is the police force is not functioning properly. Laws should be made which are rational, which can encompass the whole situation. They should not give opportunities for people to misuse them leading to bribery, corruption and harassment worse than the problem you are trying to solve. I think it is high time this Government voluntarily decides to call for elections and lets a new Government be elected and take decisions on merit, without succumbing to any pressures from one ally or the other,  and takes a proper matured view. This country deserves at least so much.


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