Sushant Singh Rajput denies being upset with R.Madhavan

shushantSushant Singh Rajput is known for experimenting with his roles. After Raabta, The MS Dhoni of Bollywood will be seen playing a role of an astronaut in his upcoming movie Chanda Mama Door Ke directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. Alongside Sushant, R.Madhavan will also be seen playing the role of a test pilot.

What made the news into limelight is Sushant being upset with the makers of the film for increasing the screen timing of R.Madhavan in the movie.

Some sources told us, “Madhavan had a small role to play in the film, but the makers made few changes in the script and his role has been increased and this hasn’t gone down well with Sushant.”

Well of course according to Sushant it was all rumors he  tweeted, “Ain’t true, I believe there are no small roles but only ,possibly small actors and @ActorMadhavan is a great one and I often learn from him.”


He further added, “”I just can’t wait to work with you brother !!” R Madhavan replied saying, “You are as wise as you are handsome bro.I wish they knew we are way better than this…can’t wait to get on the sets with you.”

Well other sources also told us that Madhawan and Sushant have a lot of respect and dearness to each other, while Sushant never bothered about his co-stars roles on screen, he is sound in his attitude and career. Sushant is not so selective in his roles that for him, the film matters and not the length of the role.

Sushant himself has explained about the film, “It is to prepare for my next film and NASA has been kind enough to invite us because they are very strict about everything there. They have been kind enough to give me proper training like they do for the astronauts that they have and I am going to be interacting with real astronauts. It’s not like I am going to pretend that I am an astronaut. I am actually being an astronaut. The only difference will be that I won’t be going in space physically, but in my head I am. All kinds of training that an astronaut does, I am going to make sure that I do.”


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