Star Trek: TNG Borg Cube Monitor Mate

star-trek-tng-borg-cubeResistance is futile. Sometimes coming out of a big meeting, it feels like Wolf 359 all over again. Know what we mean? Horrible corporate squares attempting to force assimilation into a brainless new order. Right? Just like the Borg. Well, this little Star Trek: TNG Borg Cube Monitor Mate will do two things. First, it will show you love TNG and all its facets, good and bad. Second, it will let your coworkers know you’re not yet assimilated, and possibly humankind’s last hope. Ok, so stop being grim. The Borg were fun enemies because they were scary and seemingly unstoppable (except they kept being stopped). This Star Trek: TNG Borg Cube Monitor Mate is a little totem that sticks to your monitor and bobbles up and down a little when you bump it. Show your TNG pride with a little bit of futile resistance. Locutus would be proud.
Star Trek: TNG Borg Cube Monitor Mate

  1.  Celebrate on of the most fearful enemies the Federation has ever met – with a little ship to sit on your monitor!
  2.  Borg cube may or may not contain millions of tiny nanoprobes that may or may not assimilate you into the Borg Collective.
  3.  Attaches to your monitor with a non-damaging adhesive pad.
  4.  Made of space-age resin and bobbles on ST:TNG logo-d based.
  5.  Dimensions: approx. 2″ cubed (approx. 3″ tall including stand).
  6.  Price : Rs 800.

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