Smart Cargo adds storage space to your iPad

smart-cargo-adds-stronge-spWhen you carry around a tablet, there are certain other accessories that you’d like to keep on-hand. A charging cable and wall adapter are great for when your battery is running low. A stylus can be nice, if you prefer not to smudge up your screen, or you need a little more precision. Finally, a set of earbuds will keep people from getting upset when you want to watch a movie. The big question is where you’re going to store these things. In a bag? Your pocket? Why not store them on your tablet?
The Smart Cargo is an interesting case for your iPad. That is to say, it’s a case that attaches to your Apple Smart Cover, not a case that protects the tablet itself. The small hard-shell case locks itself to the cover using a series of magnets, much the same way the cover is attached to your iPad. Once attached, you can flip open the little door and stash a number of things inside, and be confident that they won’t fall out. What’s really interesting is that this add-on does more than simply stores accessories. It was designed to roll up in your Smart Cover, act as a hand grip, and be detached and used as a wrist rest when you’re typing. The accessory won’t break the bank, either.
Price : Rs. 1206.


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