Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular

shirtpocket-night-vision-moThe Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular is a compact night vision monocular which will fit comfortably into most pockets. It is small and compact, being no larger than a tape measure, and is more than capable of delivering handy night optics to easily spot wildlife in either dusk’s ambient light or the total darkness of a moonless night. The Shirtpocket Night Vision Monocular relies on active infrared technology to illuminate subjects up to 82′ away and its CCD sensor can get crisp black and white images.
Key Features

  •  Monocular
  •  Night Optics
  •  Active infrared technology
  •  Black and White images
  •  Adjustable brightness level
  •  Carry pouch
  •  Wristband
  •  The price of the product is ` 9000.

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