Shilpa Shetty to start an NGO

shilpa-shetty-to-start-an-NShilpa Shetty wanted to do something for the underprivileged children. She was keen on starting an NGO that would help the girl child. But husband Raj Kundra felt that it would be quite unfair to leave out the boys. Orphan boys are as much in need, he felt. So he convinced Shilpa to start an NGO that would cater to orphans, which meant both girls and boys would benefit. He promised Shilpa that girls would be given more attention and they could cater to more girls and their overall requirements as well. Naturally, Shilpa felt that was the right thing to do. So the couple will soon launch The Shilpa Shetty Foundation, which will help orphan children and take care of their medical, education and accommodation needs.


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