Sharp Air for a sharp mind

Sharp announced the launch of its air purifier with Plasmacluster Ion Technology for indoor air treatment. Plasmacluster technology assures that it will purify the air with a Forest-fresh quality so that the users can get the natural environment indoors. This technology acts by generating positive and negative ions which are created in the natural environments of the forest. These ions guarantee to kills pollen dust, virus, gases and obnoxious odours not just from the air but also from the surfaces of the things and appliances kept indoors. This product by Sharp has been certified by the Asthma Society of India. The air purifier can be effective in several environments such as doctors chambers, homes, toilets, wardrobe, cars, hotel lobbies, banquet halls, theatres, etc. This product is priced from Rs. 11,990 to Rs. 57,990, depending upon its variant and are available through retail outlets.


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