Samsung NX30 camera announced

samsung-nx30-camera-announcIn the world of digital cameras, there are many different kinds of models to choose from. Well, Samsung has come up with another model for the masses which will hopefully, be able to do extremely well in the market when it arrives. We are talking about the Samsung NX30, which will boast of a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor that sports a 1/8000 second shutter speed, as well as 9 frame per seconds (FPS) Continuous Shooting function. Apart from that, it will also sport a 3” Super AMOLED Swivel and Touch Display that lets it move from side to side up to 180 degrees, in addition to upward and downward up to 270 degrees. The Samsung NX30 claims to be able to capture high quality images with rich color, and all shots are captured with sharp detail and intense colors, thanks to the large sensor which makes it ideal for creating rich images with dramatic foreground and background blur. Apart from that, there is also the Samsung NX AF System II which will offer fast and accurate auto focusing, ensuring that this new model will be able to pick up all of those precious moments, including fast-moving scenes and subjects, so that none of those woven memories will be missed but rather, captured for posterity. Apart from the usual brouhaha, the Samsung NX30 will also feature modern day connectivity options, where NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities have been built in to offer the next-generation of connectivity. There is also the ‘Tag & Go’ function so that users are able to tap and share memories instantly and easily, as they pair up the Samsung NX30 with NFC enabled smartphones and tablets without batting an eyelid. Take the Photo Beam feature for instance, it allows the transfer an image or video to a smartphone or tablet through the simple act of touching two devices together without the need for any other configuration. Pricing and availability details remain to be determined as at press time.
Price: To be announced.


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