Samsung announces Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor and Series 7 SC750 Monitor

Samsung-announces-series-7Many of us do use computers in our line of work for many hours each day, and apart from having an efficient machine that does our digital bidding in the most practical manner, the monitor, too, plays a big role in ensuring that our eyes do not end up too tired along the way for us to do anything else. Samsung has a couple of new consumer monitors, namely the Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor as well as the Series 7 SC750 monitor, where the former would happen to be Samsung’s first consumer multi-touch display; while the latter boasts of an ergonomic rotating display. The Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor comes with a special touch control that paves the way for 10 points of simultaneous input, making it ideal for dragging, rotating and selecting objects on the monitor, all the while offering a smooth and intuitive touchscreen interaction. This means you do not need to have any additional controllers, and I can testify to the fact that once you have gotten used to a touchscreen monitor in a Windows 8 environment, you would find it strange when you use a computer terminal without a touchscreen as you would inadvertently touch the monitor and wonder why it does not work. Just remember to lay off the pizza and other kinds of oily food along the way if you want to continue working from the existing terminal with the Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor in tow.
The SC770 also delivers an enriched computing experience, as it can hook up to a mobile device via USB, while Samsung’s Sliding-Tilt function with hinge technology would enable the SC770 to smoothly and conveniently adjust to a 55-degree tilt. This is a 24” Full HD display that sports a narrow bezel with ultra slim depth, accompanied by a clean back and a premium metallic stand.
As for the Series 7 SC750 monitor, this puppy will arrive in a slim, ergonomic design which is capable of a 90-degree pivot, while the rotating screen has been optimised for surfing the web, consuming social media content and viewing documents – regardless of whether you choose to do so in landscape or portrait modes.
Price : Series 7 SC770 will retail for Rs. 35600. Series 7 SC750 in 24” and 27” models for 14700 and 22400 respectively.


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