Samajwadi Party takes Stock Of The Future : Meeting New Challenges call for Realism

Mulayam Singh Yadav, the President of the Samajwadi Party raised a number of questions from the stage. If in the elections Ministers lose, what is the reason for it? They lose because of their wrong image and wrong deeds. When Ministers will lose, then what will happen to the party? Cautioning the party, Mulayam said that we have to go again to the people themselves. If we will do wrong, then the public will defeat us.

leadThe existence of the Samajwadi Party (SP) is based on the personality of Mulayam Singh Yadav. This was always known and is being seen now too. It was in evidence at the recent three-day national convention of the Samajwadi Party held recently in Lucknow. Mulayam Singh had been chosen as the National President in the previous 8 conventions, and in this 9th convention too he was elected the National President unopposed. But this time, there was a significant difference: at the convention, the restlessness of other leaders to get released from the hold of Mulayam was clearly apparent. A review and criticism of the Government’s work by Mulayam was not liked by either the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, and the National Secretary of the party, Professor Ram Gopal Yadav, also found it exasperating. As soon as Mulayam raised a finger and held anti-people activities and the selfish interests of Ministers of the State Government responsible for the resounding defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, Ram Gopal raised many questions about the leadership of party itself and said that in the Lok Sabha elections the party lost due to Bhasmasurs (Bhasmasur was a demon who destroyed himself and the term usually referes to self destructive people) and traitors. By saying this he drew a distinct and clear line and said that Bhasmasurs and traitors have got the protection of Mulayam. If Mulayam mentioned having a list of Ministers indulging in wrong conduct and of action against them, then Ram Gopal too listed and proclaimed the Bhasmasurs and their acts of destruction. Angered by Ram Gopal’s statement, senior leader Naresh Agrawal attacked him and also criticised the Akhilesh Government openly.
It also became clear at the 9th convention of the SP that the party has started efforts to unite socialists across the country. A grand attempt is being made to unite old socialists, no matter to which political party they belong in their own States. Inviting Sharad Yadav of the Janata Dal (U) to the convention, his accepting the invitation and subsequent attendance and thereby putting a universal stamp on attempts of unity was enough to warrant these efforts. In the convention, there was a political resolution by the Samajwadi Party to open a front against the central Government of the BJP and make electricity a major issue.
After the formal announcement of being elected the National President, Mulayam Singh Yadav said that the Samajwadi Party is in Government, is in power, hence there is a need for it to improve its image in the eyes of the public. “There is this complaint in the public that the Government is working autocratically. The Government will have to correct this. The Government has done good work too, but because of some Ministers the image of the Government is getting spoilt. Some people have taken advantage of the formation of Government, but people have not got its benefit”. From the side of the public, s he was receiving letters asking what the Ministers of State are doing. Remove such Ministers, Mulayam said. It is obvious that Mulayam must have said this pointing towards Akhilesh Yadav. Mulayam appealed to SP leaders not to do any such work which would result in any blot. He said to workers and the common people that if they did not like any action or work of the Government, they should write a letter about it to the Chief Minister, and could write to him too.
Mulayam raised a number of question from the stage. If in the elections Ministers lose, what is the reason for it? They lose because of their wrong image and wrong deeds. When Ministers will lose, then what will happen to the party? Cautioning the party, Mulayam said that we have to go again to the people themselves. If we will do wrong, then the public will defeat us. That is why, take care of your own image, the Government and party image. When Mulayam was speaking along these lines, the convention venue echoed with applause. By applauding, people were certifying Mulayam’s words, but the colour drained from the faces of some of the Ministers seated on the stage. Mulayam said clearly that some Ministers are not working in the interest of public. Having formed the Government, they are availing personal benefits. I have a list of such Ministers, he said and one will need to think about them. Complaint letters against these Ministers have been received, the Ministers too must be aware of this, he said, and added that I can give proof as well. If their attitude remains the same, then what difference will be left between us and other parties?
Mulayam also drew an outline of future policy before the party. Welcoming JD (U) President Sharad Yadav, Mulayam said that in the foundation of the Samajwadi Party, Sharad Yadav has played a significant role. In later days, however, circumstances became such that we got separated, but on the ideas base we always remained together. By being there at the SP convention, he has once again put the stamp on togetherness, Mulayam said. Sharad Yadav responded that credit for making me reach my current status in politics goes to Mulayam Singh. After I lost the election from Jabalpur, it was Mulayam Singh himself who made me reach the Rajya Sabha and kept me included in the family. I don’t a have blood relation with Mulayam, but the relation of ideology is more profound and this is the relation I have with Mulayam. Ever since I gathered my senses in politics, I have been with Mulayam since then. These statements from both the leaders set the future line of the party.
Mulayam made a lot of disparaging remarks against Modi and called the Modi era’s internal policy and foreign policy ‘unsuccessful’. Sarcastically commenting on (Modi’s) ‘56 inch chest’, Mulayam accused him of bowing before China and proving to be good for nothing in front of Pakistan. Mulayam also mentioned the incapability of the Modi Government in controlling inflation and corruption. Following the traditional politics of drawing a secular line against the communal line of the BJP, Mulayam stressed on Hindu- Muslim unity and said that Muslims trusted the SP the most. Mulayam also added that Dalits and the upper class are also with the SP. Mulayam went on to recount the good work done by the Akhilesh Government. The two main developments that took place at this national convention of the SP were first, the showing of a mirror to the party by its National President and second, the raising of rebellious notes against the top leadership.

When the President of the Janata Dal (U) Sharad Yadav called the Congress and the BJP the mother-in law and the daughter- in –law, then laughter erupted at the convention. Sharad also said that both these parties should be set afloat in the Ganga. Sharad Yadav said that the person who was previously the Prime Minister — he didn’t speak at all, and now, the person who is the Prime Minister – he only speaks and does nothing else. He said that by sweeping with a broom for a day the country can’t be cleaned and without raising the standard of the public the Ganga can never be cleaned. Yes, in the name of cleaning the Ganga, they will again eat all the money. During the national convention of the SP there was also speculation about Amar Singh’s return. In the political gallery of the capital there had been much discussion that Amar Singh could make a come back during the SP convention. Earlier, at the inauguration ceremony at the Janeshwar Mishra Park in Lucknow, Amar Singh had shared the stage with Mulayam. At that time, talk of his rejoining the SP was at a peak. However Amar Singh, left on on a foreign tour on September 30th.
Concerted efforts were also made to try and ensure that the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) too remains included in the formation of a grand- alliance. One day before the SP convention, Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Jayant Chaudhary met Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. This meeting was officially linked to the matter of giving support to the Chaudhary Charan Singh Memorial, but internal sources of party are seeing it as part of a connection for a future alliance. After being defeated in the Lok Sabha elections, the RLD President Chaudhary Ajit Singh too is searching for political shelter and desires a Rajya Sabha nomination. However, at the SP convention, an absence of strong, fiery leaders was felt. This time neither was Mohan Singh — who usually plays a
cautionary role — there and nor was close Mulayam’s close aide, Brajbhushan Tiwari. An effort was made to use Sharad Yadav’s presence
as cover up for the absence of fiery Samajwadi Party leaders.
At the SP convention, party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav praised Azam Khan a lot. Mulayam sat him next to him. Mulayam said that in the land controversy of the Shia Waqf board, what Azam Khan was saying was right and he wanted to end the controversy. Without taking the name of Shia religious leader Maulana Kalbe, Mulayam said that he had asked many times for a meeting – when we meet I can keep Azam Khan’s opinion before him. He said that whatever will be the opinion of Azam Khan, that will be our opinion. It is noteworthy that in the past weeks the dispute between Azam Khan and the Shia religious leader Maulana Kalbe was under discussion. It was only after this that the State Government had cancelled the elections of the Shia Waqf Board.
Incidentally, it was claimed during the preparations of the SP’s 9th national convention in Janeshwar Mishra Park of Lucknow that no Administrative Officer will be involved. But Administrative Officers were seen busy trying to make the convention a success. Some Ministers of State had also said that unlike the Mayawati Government, the SP Government is not using official staff. Before the start of the convention, Cabinet Minister Narad Rai arrived to make an inspection. Actively involved along with him were other very senior officials. They were roaming about carrying the guest list and sitting plan and said that they have to arrange for the sitting of VIPs. The C.M.O of Lucknow S.N.S Yadav too was seen present at the venue. He was seen busy in discussion with SP MLA Arvind Kumar Singh and Minister Narad Rai. The CMO said that seeing the crowd that would gather for the convention in Janeshwar Park, 1 cardiologist, 1 surgeon and one female doctor had been stationed. Strong arrangements were made for security of the convention venue. All around police in plain clothes were scattered. Police senior inspector A. Satish Ganesh revealed that 2500 police officers were stationed for looking after the venue. Apart from this, 8 companies of the PAC were also stationed at the venue. Concrete arrangements had been made with metal detectors, intelligence inputs, etc.
In its political-economic proposal passed during its national convention, the Samajwadi Party targeted Modi. A censure motion was passed consensually against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with a political-economic resolution with 3 amendments. In the political resolution, communalism is a vital issue for the SP. On issues of agriculture, electricity and unemployment, the SP will keep pulling up the Government. In its economic resolution, the SP has decided to oppose foreign direct investment in rail and defence areas. Out of the 3 issues that were added to the economic-political resolutions after discussion, one of them was regarding success of Mangalyaan. Party leader Ambika Chaudhary during discussions said that Indian scientists had in their first attempt itself achieved this success and the party’s message of congratulation should be sent to the scientists. Prime Minister Modi had made no contribution to this success, but still he is taking complete credit for this achievement, that is why a censure motion against him should be passed.
National President Mulayam said that only the policies of the Samajwadi Party can end inflation-corruption-communalism. National general secretary professor Ram Gopal Yadav said that BJP on the basis of deceit, fraud and money power, taking the support of the media, has come to be in command of the Government of the country. Both the former and present Central Governments were condemned and the issue of electricity dominated. Ram Gopal said that in Uttar Pradesh after the formation of the SP Government, first the UPA and now the BJP’s Government is continually ignoring the State’s Government. Not giving almost 1000 MW electricity of Uttar Pradesh’s share and not making coal available to power houses of the State is proof of this. Apart from this 45,000 crore rupees for a number of plans are due from the Center, which are not being paid on purpose.
In the resolutions, worry was also expressed on safety at the borders of the country. It was said the SP Chief Mulayam Yadav again and again warned the Central Government that China is eyeing our borders like a vulture, but the former UPA and the present BJP Government didn’t give importance to this issue. Ram Gopal said that China had taken possession of lakhs of miles of our country’s land, but the Indian Government has stopped even mentioning it in its talks. In the resolution, condemnation of terrorism sponsored by Pakistan was also included. It was said that on the border every other day firing is being done by the Pakistani Army and terrorists are trying to enter India. Now even Al Qaeda and ISIS have also given threats that their next target is India. But it is sad that the foreign policy of Modi Government is constantly wandering away from the basic objective. Economically, the SP attacked inflation, corruption and unemployment. Taking on the Central Government it was said that apart from all this, no roadmap was made to bring back black money.

Senior SP Leader Naresh Agrawal Speaks Out


After Ram Gopal had made some adverse comments on the National President of the Samajwadi Party, Mulayam Singh Yadav, senior leader Naresh Agrawal expressed his resentment. Naresh Agrawal said, Mr. Professor, it is not the workers who indukge in groupism, we all do. Workers are even ready to lay their lives for the party: the problem is of leaders and Ministers sitting in high positions. These people don’t listen to workers. (This was greeted with applause from those present at the convention). Attacking Akhilesh, Naresh Agrawal said, Mr. Chief Minister, you along with real Ministers have made fake Ministers too, who are called Ministers without portfolio. The Supreme Court has banned them from putting a red beacon on their vehicles and writing ‘Minister’, but they do not obey. Get it checked, how many votes did the party get at their booths. Get rid of them. Modi asked his Ministers to list achievements of 100 days. Why don’t you give direction to your Ministers to list their achievements? Actually, apart from you, there is nothing in any Minister’s account worth telling. People are angry not with the Chief Minister, but with the attitude of the Ministers. Construct roads on a priority basis, don’t make any compromise on the law and order system and ensure availability of electricity to people. The situation of the SP will right itself.


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