Salman Khan doesn’t want to marry but wishes to have kids!

Salman-Khan-doesnotSalman Khan does speak his heart out! The superstar, who made an appearance on Google+ Hang-out recently, interacted with his fans and answered a number of their questions. And yes, of course he did speak about the letter ‘M’ – marriage – but specified that he is looking to evade being tied down in a marital relationship. But what took people by surprise was the fact that Salman wishes to have kids out of wedlock. “Marry, I don`t know. But kids, I love them and want to have them. I am working on a way I can escape marriage and just have the kids,” he said while responding to a fan. Salman is also launching the `Being Human` page on Google+. His fans can connect on the page to contribute to the causes he supports and get exclusive sneak peeks at the latest merchandise his brand has to offer.


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