Saif’s ex-wife Amrita Has No Problem With Kareena

Amrita Singh, ex-wife of Saif Ali Khan, recently told  the media that she has no problem with Kareena Kapoor, who is most likely to become the new wife of Saif. Since the time Kareena has come into Saif’s life, the efforts of Amrita trying to keep Saif away from Kareena have often hogged the headlines. But this statement made by Amrita is indeed big news. After hearing this statement, Saif may be surprised, but the comments made by Amrita seem to be true. Recently, there were reports that Amrita visited Yashraj Studios for her film ‘Aurangzeb’ and found the make-up room of Kareena just in front of her make-up room. So Amrita immediately ordered shifting of her make-up room and commented that she was not new to the industry and added that she was quite capable of handling such situations.


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