Sachin Tendulkar is Beyond Statistics

“Sachin Tendulkar is beyond statistics. At a time when players beyond 40 are rarer than hens’ teeth, Sachin Tendulkar passed that landmark recently; still a Test No. 4, still, so it seems, at the height of his powers…”– Ted Corbett

sachin-tendulkar-is-beyond-“You will remember him in the spring of his cricket life, making a century with calm and measured tread at Old Trafford. Such was his assurance that he might have been 40 then and when members in the pavilion  not always the most friendly folk, let me remind you  rose to acknowledge his four hours at the crease, it was in part an appreciation of the maturity of the boy grown into a man. That evening we knew we were witness to a remarkable batsman,” Ted Corbett wrote in an article in The Hindu.
“Now that the autumn days are gathering around this sporting god sent to earth to allow us to marvel at his skills, there are those who demand that he retire so that we only have the happy memories of him and his extreme orthodoxy plus muscular power through mid-wicket plus late cuts delicately sent rippling past second slip,” wrote Corbett, adding that no doubt he will have considered a retirement finale and, for the moment, rejected it.
Meanwhile former India skipper Sourav Ganguly rated Tendulkar as the greatest player he had ever seen, Australia captain Michael Clarke said his passion for the game is unprecedented.
“Suffice to say, he is the greatest cricketer I have ever seen. I haven’t seen Bradman, but he is as close to perfection as you can get. His insatiable hunger, combined with incredible talent, makes him a real genius. When people criticise him, all I point to them is the 100 international hundreds,” Ganguly said in an article published in ‘Outlook’ magazine.
According to media reports, ahead of his 40th birthday, at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia, a life-sized wax figure of the Indian batsman was unveiled in front of a throng of cricket fans. According to Indian Express, local Indian fans, known as the Swami Army, cheered and sang Indian chants as the “Little Master” was unveiled at the SCG before becoming a permanent attraction at Sydney’s Madame Tussauds wax museum. The waxwork, to be put beside Don Bradman according to media reports, is the latest honour bestowed on Tendulkar in Australia. Late last year he received the Order of Australia for his contribution to international cricket.
– India Sports News


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