Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right Current Philosophy of the Indian Government Must Change

When a good time was on for Baba Ramdev, stalwarts of the Indian media used to stand in a queue to meet him. Today, when Baba Ramdev is facing some tough times, media persons are not calling him. Earlier there used to be a sort of urgency to call him or to show their faces alongside his. Today, those people are running away from showing their faces alongside Baba Ramdev. This is the double faced character of our media. Perhaps because the media persons mostly try to convey or show those things which the Governments want, may it be the State Governments or the Central Government. The media should pose this question to their own mentors or their unseen controllers that till the time someone opposes you, you sing praises about the person’s attributes, you help him in all possible ways. The same way as has happened in the context of Baba Ramdev. Which is the Union Minister who has not gone to the Patanjali Yogpeeth, who has not helped him in his plans and projects? Not inadvertently, but consciously deliberately. So much so that even Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul Gandhi was seen meeting Baba Ramdev.
But when Baba Ramdev has raised a question and that too on black money, then suddenly the Congress started becoming cautious and alert. When Baba Ramdev raised this question with some asperity, a smile spread on the faces of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but the Congress started getting a little angry. Today the situation is that all the departments under the Congress led Government have devoted themselves to the work of finding out faults in Baba Ramdev’s work. CBI is an independent force, but how independent it is, the people of this country know fully. Those people who are under the direct command of the Government, may it be income tax, may it be revenue intelligence, may it be sales tax, all the departments, all these are working in the investigation of the voluntary organisations running under the umbrella of Baba Ramdev’s name, and the investigation is not being done in the form of an investigation. The investigation is being done in such a way that if there is no fault, then fault has to be found. Different types of yardsticks are being applied here. The principle of the trust is applied elsewhere in India in one way, and same principle is applied for Baba Ramdev in a different way. Earlier the ministers of the Central Government used to praise Baba Ramdev for re-establishing the name ‘Yog’ in place of ‘ Yoga’ across the entire world. Before Baba Ramdev, many ‘swamis’ had gone to foreign countries and in the name of Yoga taught foreigners some postures and in exchange took large sums of money from them. Many of them even settled in foreign countries. Baba Ramdev was the first such person, who re-established Yog as Yog in the world and during that re-establishment he did not do anything which he did not declare. But today Baba Ramdev has become like an irritant in the eye of the Government and the Government wants to build up much pressure on Baba Ramdev that he folds his hands and begs forgiveness from the Government and declares that he would only teach Yog from now onwards. But the question is whether Baba Ramdev will do this? The Government also hurled ‘thunderbolts’ on the associates of Baba Ramdev. We got this information and possibly, we were the first to publish that Acharya Balkrishna, who takes the second place after Baba Ramdev, is a Nepali citizen, but he has an Indian passport. We had published this news in Chauthi Duniya because we wanted to illustrate that there has been a relation between India and Nepal for ages.

All the medicines which get banned in foreign countries are sold in huge quantities in India with the blessings of the Indian Government. When some epidemic  happens or any casualty occurs in our country, then demands are raised for a ban on those medicines, but by that time the medicines of those foreign companies have already entered into the bodies of the people of our country as poison.

Lakhs of people of Nepal have been working for generations in India and Indians are still working in Nepal since generations past. Passports exists between the two, but I still remember that this passport has never been needed for going to Nepal. When my passport had not been made, then I had been to Nepal without any passport. With the help of an ordinary letter, which had been written by some MLA saying that I know him, only on the basis of this identity proof and credentials I went to Nepal many times. Even today only an identity card is sufficient to go to Nepal, whether it is the voter ID card of India or a passport. In the same way the people of Nepal are staying and working in India on the basis of only their home address. One entire Gorkha Division has been an integral part of the Indian Army, which has safeguarded the self respect of India on several occasions with a lot of courage and bravery.
Baba Balkrishna is amongst those lakhs of people, whose family was in Nepal at some point of time but completed their entire education in India. He was issued a passport in India, on which he has already travelled to 53 countries. He made these journeys as a citizen of India. His entire life so far has passed in India, but now different types of allegations are being made against him and efforts are made to make him the biggest offender of both India and Nepal. Congress leader Digvijay Singh tom-tommed that in Nepal, Baba Balkrishna had been involved in terrorist activities in Nepal, so he fled from there and has come here. We have a letter from the Home Ministry of Nepal, which states that Baba Balkrishna does not have any sort of criminal record in Nepal and nor does the Nepal government have a wrong view of him.
The question here is not about the personality, character and activities of Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna. The question is that if someone speaks against the policies of the Government, then the Government starts to create problems for them. We do not have any doubts on this — that the Government has forgotten the democratic way or democratic decorum. If the Government would have had democratic decorum, then they would have started an investigation on the coal scam of 1 lakh 86 thousand crores rupees with the same alacrity as they have started their investigation on the trusts of Baba Ramdev. If the Government would have had democratic decorum then they would not have said that the coal block has incurred zero loss, or that 2G has incurred zero loss, which was proved to be incorrect at a later stage. If Chauthi Duniya would not have published the 2G scam report so resolutely, then this case was in the process of being covered up or buried. Because of this report and because of the strictly angled eyes of the Supreme Court, the 2G case was re-opened. If the media had not made a ruckus about the irregularities in the Common Wealth Games, then the Government had already made a meal of it.
In the same way if Chauthi Duniya would not have published the coal block scam so resolutely three times, then this case would also have been digested and the regret about this is that the Opposition is also being seen as equal partners in this. The Comptroller and Auditor General said in the Public Accounts Committee, that we have stated a lesser amount in the scam which happened due to the coal block allocation, because we did not want that such a big figure should be seen, so we kept a different yardstick for it. The Opposition should then have raised this question speedily : this Government is not guilty of a Rs. 1 lakh 86 thousand crores loss, in fact it is guilty of a Rs. 26 lakh crores loss, which we have kept repeating a number of times with total conviction. The CAG proved our conviction correct when it gave its report to the Public Accounts Committee. The Indian Government did not start investigating these issues. The Indian Government came under pressure, then investigations started. If the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is investigating the coal companies one after the another and the Government is now cancelling the licenses of a few companies then it obviously and directly means that there has been a scam, but the Government is not giving attention to this. The Government is paying more attention to the trusts of Baba Ramdev.
What are the trusts of Baba Ramdev doing? The trusts of Baba Ramdev, from the raw materials found in the markets of India, make some products on the basis of the principles of ayurveda and sell them in the country. Their products have been bought by the people very readily . A big consumer empire is in the making. When these products are made by big corporates or by multinational companies then they do not understand this competition. By paying a bribe to the Government they have made a plan to finish the products of the trust by discrediting them. There are many such products, which if we compare them in terms of price, then the products made by the trust of Baba Ramdev and the products brought from the foreign countries show a difference as large as the one between earth and sky. Earlier the people used to buy those products which used to come from foreign countries. Now the people are rapidly buying the products produced by the trusts of Baba Ramdev. This is the biggest fault of Baba Ramdev. He has become an irritant in the eyes of the multinational companies and the big corporates of India. And then how can it happen that a big Indian product makes its own place in the market beneath the very noses of the big corporates and the foreign companies. So all the different investigating agencies have swooped on the enterprises run under Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna like some big giants with wide open mouths.
The thing to relish is that the Indian Government does not have such specialists who can dismiss the principles being promoted by Acharya Balkrishna on the basis of principles. Today the situation is such that the big Universities of the world, Harvard being the most prominent among them, are also including Ayurveda and Yog in their syllabus as proposed by Baba Ramdev as part of the curriculum. Along with Harvard three Universities of the world are going to give recognition to these systems by adding them to their curriculum. Harvard may introduce them, and when Harvard will introduce then the people of India will import them through Harvard. But the principles that have been re-established in India by Ramdev and Balkrishna, the secrets of Ayurveda which they have revealed in front of the world, now we are engaged in destroying them because, our — which means our Indian Government and corporates — main aim is to keep alive those principles of allopathy and foreign sciences which in actuality are against the health of the people. All those medicines which get banned in foreign countries are sold in huge quantities in India with the blessings of the Indian Government. When some epidemic happens or any casualty occurs in our country, then demands are raised for a ban on those medicines, but by that time the medicines of those companies have already entered into the bodies of the people of the country as poison.
So the necessity is for the Government to think about their steps again and focus on those who are against the country. The Government should not waste its time on those who are patriots, who speak about fighting for principles for the country, even if it does not match with you, because this is democracy. In democracy, conflicting views should be mutually given due respect. You should not use the Intelligence Bureau to chase and tap calls of those people who are against you on the basis of principles. You should use these agencies against the people who are indulging in anti- India activities, which will be more creditable. Otherwise the anti- country activities will create trouble for you and you will waste your time going after those who are not against the country. Do not consider those who are opposed to you to be anti-country, otherwise today or tomorrow, history would remember you in very harsh words.


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