Rapoo releases new range of optical mice in the US

rapoo-releases-new-rangeThe name Rapoo is connected to being a leading manufacturer of wireless peripheral products, where they have managed to reveal their most recent collection of optical mice in the U.S. These happen to be the 3000P, 3100P, and 3300P models, where regardless of which particular model that you choose from, they will all boast of the 5GHz standard for wireless and interference-free use, in addition to a high resolution DPI sensor, as well as a sleek, compact design with a Nano adapter storage compartment to boot. The 3000P Wireless Optical Mouse is said to be a travel-ready device, and also a must-have item if you happen to be using a notebook or Ultrabook. It is tiny and compact in size, which means carrying it with you on your travels is a snap. Apart from that, the 3000P would make use of advanced energy saving technology that enables the battery within to last up to 18 months of non-stop use. In addition, the 1000DPI sensor will also deliver complete control of the mouse movements in order to enhance performance and productivity, where one can choose from red, gray and blue colors. As for the 3100P Wireless Optical Mouse, this is touted to be the ideal option for both left-and-right handed users thanks to its symmetrical design. Apart from that, it comes fitted with rubberized grips on the sides to deliver optimal control, while the 1000DPI optical sensor also offers accurate movements. The batteries are said to last up to 18 months prior to a replacement. You will be able to pick up the 3100P in black, blue, and white colors with an elegant red design.
Last but not least, we have the most pricey of the lot, the 3300P Wireless Optical Mini Mouse. This model is actually the smaller counterpart of the 3100P, being roughly the size of a matchbox, allowing you to sneak it in just about anywhere. Heck, it sure is small enough to be a biological mouse!
Price: 3000P Wireless Optical Mouse: Rs 1200 each. 3100P Wireless Optical Mouse: Rs 1200. 3300P Wireless Optical Mini Mouse: Rs 1400 a piece.


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