Rapoo E9070 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard now available

rapoo-E9070wirlessultra-sliWhen it comes to computer peripherals, it really pays to have high quality products at your disposal. After all, many of us do spend up to 8 hours (or more) of our time at the office each day, with most of it staring in front of the computer as we churn out reports as well as crunch spreadsheets. Having said that, a good computer chair is essential to maintaining your posture, while you would also need an accompanying keyboard that is easy to use and comfortable on your fingers to get the job done in double quick time. Rapoo intends to seize such an opportunity with their iF Product Design award winning E9070 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard that is now available for purchase, where it has been touted to be the ideal peripheral for an extraordinary comfortable and smooth typing experience, regardless of whether you are at home or at the office. This is one sleek keyboard for sure, where it is said to feature one of the thinnest stainless steel bodies in its class of products in the world, where the thinnest part would measure up to 5.6mm only. Apart from that, the durable E9070 would also boast of a scissor key structure that delivers an enjoyable typing experience. There are also integrated Fn control keys which would enable users to control shortcut operations for audio playback, volume adjustment, browsing the internet and more, helping you save even more time along the way. Rapoo’s E9070 Ultra-Slim Keyboard would be powered by a reliable 2.4GHz wireless frequency so that one will be able to enjoy an interference-free and smooth connection to any computer for up to two years, although I believe that with frequent and daily use, it might be a wee bit shorter than that. Apart from that, this convenient keyboard also boasts of a plug-and-forget nano receiver that is so tiny, you can leave it plugged into your machine’s USB port and leave it there. Choose from either black or white shades. Price:  Rs 2400.


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