Rajasthan survey : BJP Will Decimate Congress

The Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to form the next Government in Rajasthan, a latest pre-poll survey has said.

BJP-will-Decimate-congressThe CNN-IBN-The Week survey, conducted by CSDS, claimed that while the ruling Congress is likely to get between 60 to 68 seats, the BJP may secure 115-125 seats. BJP’s vote share may rise by 6.7 per cent since 2008 polls whereas Congress’ vote share may drop by 4.8 per cent, according to the survey.
‘Sharp decline in people’s satisfaction with Gehlot Government’
It showed a sharp decline in people’s satisfaction with the Ashok Gehlot-led Government. In July this year, 65 per cent respondents were satisfied with the State Government, but it came down to 50 per cent in October, 2013. However, the survey said satisfaction with Ashok Gehlot’s performance as CM is much higher than with his Government’s performance, but it is still less compared to what the satisfaction level had been with Vasundhara Raje in 2008. It also shows 51 per cent respondents want a comeback of Vasundhara Raje as CM, while only 27 per cent people want Ashok Gehlot as CM.
‘Large section of people perceive UPA Government as corrupt’
According to the survey, a large section of people perceive the United Progressive Alliance Government as “corrupt”. It said 35 per cent respondents said UPA Government is “somewhat corrupt” while 29 per cent respondents said UPA Government is “very corrupt”. The survey said that only 20 per cent respondents believe Manmohan Singh is a wise and effective prime minister, while 14 per cent respondents said Manmohan has little control over his Government and 12 per cent respondents said Dr Singh is wise but allowed corruption to flourish.
Twenty-six per cent of the respondents said honesty should be the most important quality for the next PM. The survey revealed that most people believe Centre is more responsible than State Governments for price rise. n


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