Raising question is not treason

By Santosh Bhartiya

I would like to begin with an adage which was in vogue during the Emergency of 1975. Devakanta Barua was the Congress president. One day he said, “Indira is India.” Then the entire Congress brass started sing on the same tune: Indira is India, Indira is great, India cannot be imagined without Indira, etc. Newspapers soon follow the suite and swarmed their pages with “Indira is India slogan”. Subsequently, the people soon showed her the door. Purpose of referring to this little piece of history is that a sudden spell of Hindutva wave has overwhelmed our television screens. Even those who do not know ABC of Hinduism have started delivering lecture on Hinduism and nationalism. However, some TV anchors and some participants in those debates have blown wind out of such claimants’ sail. One participant asked a BJP spokesperson to sing the national song, Vande Mataram. After that anchors after anchors requested BJP’s spokesperson to recite Vande Matram, and to their amusement many of the spokespersons were unable to recite or sing the song beyond a few lines. Even a well-known RSS face on TV screen who called himself Sangh Vicharak also failed to recite the song. I believe that now the every leader of the BJP is trying hard to learn the song by heart.

I come across a startling trend on social media, wherein it is being said that a Hindu cannot be a Hindu unless he supports Modi. Now, who will explain them that they have to prove whether they are Hindus or not, because there is no religion called Hindu. The name of religion is Sanatan Dharma (eternal religion), and they don’t know what Sanatan Dharma is. If they want to know about the origin of the word Hindu, they should refer to the thoughts of Shri Mohan Bhagwat. Another trend has too started emerging that if you raise concerns of the farmers, you are a traitor; if you raise the question related to country, you are a traitor. On the contrary, if you abuse the farmers committing suicide, you scold the hungry poor and only chant Modi-Modi, you are a patriot nationalist. I am writing this because this trend seemingly suggests that when arguments end, when you do not have the details about the work that you have promised to do, then such kind of arguments surface – if you do not chant Modi-Modi and do not support Modi, you are not only Hindus, but a traitor.


A few days earlier, I was listening to a poet reciting his poem. He was saying “when I ask a friend, who used to be a loud supporter of the government, that they should also remember the promises which were made to the people of the country, then they laugh a nervous laugh.” Nevertheless, the bundle of lies is still disseminated through television in the public. This bundle of lies is hurting me, because I have seen Modi Ji with lot of hopes. There is no charge corruption on him. It is altogether different thing as to how he ran the affairs of Gujarat, or how he sidelined opponents, but he tried to change Gujarat. Especially he did a great job in providing water for irrigation; it was expected from him to do the same for the rest of the country. However, with passing time that hope took back seat perhaps because of his colleagues and the bureaucracy failed to understand his mind, or perhaps over-enthusiastic secretaries explained him that demonetization and GST are revolutionary steps. Since Modi ji took these steps on their advice, therefore they must have to support the move. However, the arguments given in support of these moves have taken a beating on the ground. Surat, a town of his own state, remained closed for 28 days. The news started coming from Gujarat that there is almost equal fight in this election. That should not have happened.

Modi’s Gujarat model was sold all over the country and people voted him for the Gujarat model, but the Gujarat model has not seen anywhere in the states headed by Shivraj Singh, Vasundhara Raje, Yogi or Rawat. None of them invoke the phrase of Gujarat model for his/her state. It concerns me that all the good work and good name earned by Modi ji have been destroyed by his colleague in his party. Why none of the name mentioned above and also those left behind have not invoked Gujarat model? The Gujarat Model which helps BJP to attain power at the Centre is giving a miss in Yogi Ji, Nitish Kumar, Rawat, Shivraj Singh Chauhan or Vasundhara Raje states. In this backdrop, I think that all these people want to mislead or misguide Narendra Modi. That is why the status quo remains in the field of agriculture and communication.

Those who are asking to chant Modi-Modi and distributing certificate of nationalism, they themselves will be victims of call drop three to four times on their mobiles, and government is hell-bent on to run the banking system through the same mobile network. At least the government should bring responsible people to carry out this task, and also ask some question to those who help these companies to earn fortunes. Now if someone accuses that some big people in the government may also be getting some kind of dakshina from the profit made by these companies, then what’s wrong in that? Why is the government not paying attention to it? After so much talk we do not have record as to how much foreign investment come to our country and where that money was invested – in private sector, consumer sector? Although world class refrigerators, television sets and cars are coming into the market, but food for the poor are in short supply. There is hardly any room for a poor to find a seat in a train. The people who are responsible for such shortcomings are misguiding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking him not pay attention to criticism as some people are in habit of criticizing him.

Let me make it clear once and for all that our country does not hold black money. The entire story of black money stashed abroad was a bundle of lies, a jumla, a rhetoric, which was sold by Advaniji, Baba Ramdev and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley to the country in 2014. We did not attack or hurt the black money which was stashed abroad. We assumed that all this black money is with the people of this country, so you have decided to demonetize high value currency notes. Now the officials of the Reserve Bank and other banks did not make out as how much money they have to expect? Interestingly more money than what was in currency come to the system. Later on you started saying that all the money in the system has come – not less not more.

One minister was heard saying on television, “Why do you feel bad for the black money or fake currency notes that come into the system?” He is not ashamed of saying that the fake currency has come to the system, and we have converted them in legal tender. In this backdrop it is the biggest money laundering scam. But do not question it! If you do, you will become a traitor. A campaign on Facebook will start trending calling you a traitor. I begin my piece reminding “Indira Is India” slogan because its outcome was seen in 1977 elections when Indira Gandhi was thrown out of power. And I do not wish that kind of fate for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There is still a lot hope in Narendra Modi. He has the potential to do things, but he needs to get rid of the “intelligent quartets” – whether in they are in the cabinet or are officials – who have gathered around him. Only then will he do some thinking for the development of this country.

The trend emerging from Gujarat suggests that the battle between BJP and Congress is equal. Election in Gujarat should be one-sided affair, but the survey began to bob up which say the difference between the two contenders will be of 5 to 10 seats. A big News channel, which till now was singing praise for Modi, and had shown a big win for the BJP, is saying that the Congress can get 138 seats. Why did this situation arrive? Those who involved in social media rant, saying “those who are not with Narendra Modi are not Hindus or are traitors,” should be kept away from thinking over it. They are people of herd mentality, let them indulge in that. But those responsible people, who have faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who want to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi succeed, should analyze the situation and find out ways and means to counter such development. It is very important; otherwise many people of this country will lose confidence in the political system. I do not talk about the opposition. Opposition is nowhere in the scene. If there is anyone, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. We should wish him that he should not create an opposition for himself and wish him that he can recognize these contradictions and adopt corrective measures for the country. He should avoid “Indira is India” methods.


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