Rahul Gandhi and Bihar: Good News, Canny Moves Or Just Wishful Thinking

The winds of change seem to be blowing in the Congress and the Congress leaders of Bihar are assessing at the ‘reshuffle’ that is taking place in Delhi and others States. They are hoping that the face of the State Congress will also change and Rahul Gandhi will become the architect of that change. First, with the  possibility of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Bihar, a lot of points were discussed. Later, these points were strengthened when Rahul comprehensively discussed the possibilities of the party with several leaders of the State. The results of these meetings are that Rahul Gandhi wants the Congress to get back its old support in the ‘Hindi heartland’ and if the Congress can do so on its own then it will be better. That is why this time Rahul Gandhi is giving more preference to the leaders who are down to the earth. The mistakes that were made by the ‘Delhi Darbar’ regarding Bihar in the last few years are also being assessed. Presently, the Congress is persisting with the agenda of ruling on its own, without forming a coalition. The Congress has made this clear by not including Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan in the Cabinet. The leader in charge of Bihar, Gulchain Singh Charak has announced that the Congress will not have any alliance with others. For infusing some spirit in a spiritless Congress, this initiative makes some sense, but the existing ‘power situation’ of the Congress in Bihar is affecting the solemnity of these announcements. That is why experts are saying that the Congress will have to resort to forming a coalition, otherwise it will be difficult for the Congress to maintain its current status after the elections. But who will be the coalition partner or partners ? That is a different thing and will be decided in the period ahead. The logic behind this analysis of experts is the continuous deterioration of power in the Bihar Congress. The condition is such that the State President, Mehboob Ali Kaiser, has not been able to form a committee in two years. Prior to this, the only President who was unable to form his committee was Tariq Anwar. In the last two years, the Congress hasn’t made any successful arrangements related to public issues. In flat terms, the Congress Party has transformed itself into a party which only celebrates birth and death anniversaries. However Kaiser has offered his resignation, but due to the politics of Delhi, some decisions are still pending. In 2010, hopes were raised for the party because the Congress managed approximately 15 per cent votes in the by-elections. People began to believe that the Congress could provide an alternative to Nitish Kumar, but due to the high flying leaders of the Congress, this belief  was destroyed. Delhi was provided with a wrong political report about Bihar. The whole country including Bihar watched the drama that took place from the distribution of tickets to contesting in the elections. Consequently, the people who hated Nitish Kumar are looking at Lalu, but not looking at the Congress. Congresspersons are solely responsible for this condition of the party. That is why making announcements of contesting in the elections alone is totally different from winning seats in the elections. The ‘think tank’ of the Congress sitting in Delhi also realises this fact. So this time Rahul Gandhi is doing homework at the grass root level regarding Bihar. His Bihar tour will be an opportunity for the State Congress but the party will have to work hard if it wants to achieve something.


Rahul Gandhi’s eye on the ‘Panchayats’ of Bihar

Rahul Gandhi wants to eradicate the distance that has been created between the Congress and the villages. It is necessary if the party wants to reach out to the villages. The Panchayats should get their reasonable rights. With such thoughts, the Congress wants to arrange  a ‘Jan-Sangharsh’ programme that will connect the common people with the Congress. Rahul Gandhi is also preparing to take the party to the grass root level through the organisational elections of the Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India (NSUI). Naturally, the Bihar visit of Rahul Gandhi is going to be very significant. Party Leader Pratibha Singh is saying that with the arrival of Rahul Gandhi, the State will get a ‘Sanjeevani.’ Senior leader Sameer Singh believes that the Congress is the correct and genuine alternative for Bihar. The regional parties have screwed up Bihar. That is why the Congress governance is necessary in Bihar.


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