Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech From The Red Fort : Big Hopes,Big Gaps

If we view Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister like Manmohan Singh, then we cannot see any flaw or fault in his Independence Day speech. But if after 67 years, on the nation’s 68th birthday too the people of India are to get only and only good words, good sentences, good dreams, then for us Narendra Modi is not an exceptional Prime Minister, is not a great hero, is not a man of history.

leadAfter all, what difference does it make if we are not happy on the 68th anniversary of Independence? What difference does it make that people who think passionately and deeply for the country are not happy? And what difference does it make either that it does not appear that the hopes we had placed on Prime Minister Narendra Modi are being fulfilled completely? We should be happy that one large section of the country is feeling very enthused by the speech given by Narendra Modi from the Red Fort, is feeling stimulated and this section feels that Narendra Modi has shown a new direction to the country. We too should be a part of this happiness of people and we believe it is essential to include ourselves in this happiness.
Actually, these people who are happy are very optimistic people, who, to bring change in their lives, to bring happiness, see any kind of hope as a sign of a big change. When Shrimati Indira Gandhi gave the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ (remove poverty), then amongst the ancestors of the people who are happy today, there were many who were happy. When Indira Gandhi nationalised banks, then it had seemed that now banks will stand together with the common people of this country and will free the economy from being captive to 14 big families in this country. These people who became happy were also very happy with Rajiv Gandhi’s statement in which he had said that only 15 paisa reached the people of this country, the rest are sacrificed to corruption. Then people had felt that now it will be reversed, 85 per cent will reach people and 15 per cent will be sacrificed to corruption.
The people who became happy were also happy participating in the anti-corruption movement of Vishwanath Pratap Singh and they had felt that now this country will not tolerate any kind of negligence in the campaign against corruption and neither will they approve of the practice of corruption. The moment Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to power in this country, people became happy in the hope that now relations will also be forged with Pakistan and the politics of collision in this country will end as well. Before this, our country had also became very happy during the time of the Government of the Janata Party, which was formed as a consequence of Jai Prakash Narayan’s movement. People had felt that this country will change completely, but the country didn’t change.
Narendra Modi’s speech from the Red Fort aroused this hope that maybe now the country will at least become more aware about social issues. Narendra Modi’s speech also aroused this hope that a solution is possible to the questions about which we don’t think, like cleanliness, foeticide, the century’s old inhumane practice of scavenging, most of the village womenfolk going to the fields for toilet purposes, etc. Narendra Modi’s speech cautioned people that they should ask the same questions from boys that they ask girls and what is their role in doing away with crimes like rape, they should fulfill it in the required manner. A good speech,
a fluent speech, a well thought out, heartfelt speech, but the speech of a social
Narendra Modi’s speech at least conveyed that he has more sense than Manmohan Singh who was the Prime Minister for the past 10 years; he has more ability to see people’s problems than Manmohan Singh and he understands this country more than Manmohan Singh. All these things were essential, but we wanted to see Narendra Modi as an exceptional leader of this country. An exceptional leader is one who shows the whole country a path to new development. The path of development is not that which Narendra Modi wants to enunciate. People from the world should come, products from India should sell all over the world, and India should fill the markets of the world with products with a Made in India stamp. Saying this and inviting 100 per cent FDI in India are conflicting perspectives. We were hopeful that Narendra Modi will apply the principle of Swadeshi of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to economic policies. This didn’t happen in the Budget, but we had hoped that on 15 August, an announcement of this will be made in the form of a roadmap, but maybe Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is not ready for it yet. Because Narendra Modi is not ready, that is why the country is not ready either.
Our expectation was that Narendra Modi, in his first address from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day will announce that he will establish villages as the basic, founding units of industries. Till industries don’t reach villages and villages are not developed as a factory of finished products for agriculture based produce, till then this country cannot become an economic power in the world. The day the decision will be taken that the villages of this country will be developed as industrial units, from that day itself, be it roads, communication, electricity, in all these things change will start coming. But till this decision isn’t taken, till then roads, electricity, communication, meaning everything thing, will be seen only where Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s) will be made. Water will go only there, electricity will go only there, roads will go only there where foreign companies will put up 100 per cent production units. Products will be made here, but people will get only that much employment here that is essential for living. All profit, all benefit will go to foreign countries.

We were expecting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make an announcement of targets to be completed in 1 or 2 years. In this, the first target is: production of 100 per cent electricity or energy in the country. All this can be done very easily, if we relinquish our love for big power generation companies. In the next 20 years, coal will almost reach the stage of becoming non-existent, which is why we should save our reserves of coal. No scheme for water is there in our country. Rivers are drying up, that is why putting up hydro based power production units is not feasible. In our country one thing that is available in abundant quantity is solar energy. The whole country can be filled completely with the power of solar energy in 2 years. For this the Government doesn’t have to spend a single rupee. It should tell the producers of solar energy in India and in foreign countries to set up solar energy producing units at their own cost and when they are making electricity, then the Government can buy it at a fixed rate. An example of this is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat itself, where electricity made by solar energy has been purchased at 15 rupees per unit. By announcing the rate at a rupee or two less or more than 15 rupees per unit in the whole country, all companies which work in the field of solar
energy should be invited to India. And 2 years will pass only after power production in our country will be 100 per cent, will be universal and not only for homes, but for industries, for irrigation, in fact for everything we will get electricity.
The second announcement could have been of converting villages to industrial units in 2 years. In this country more than the literate unemployed are the illiterate unemployed, who didn’t get the opportunity of education because they didn’t have any facilities nor the means. They didn’t even have hopes of getting a job after education. That is why if a plan of converting villages into industrial units is made, then this country will get freedom from unemployment. Two announcements more could have been made : that this country, in the matter of universal education and universal health facilities, will become self dependant. Instead of these announcements, Narendra Modi gave a speech like a social reformer.
Narendra Modi’s speech could have made make us happy. In his appeal to Naxalites, in that we can see ‘meaningfulness’. But, if Narendra Modi had announced with this that corruption taking place in development works will not be tolerated at any cost, then maybe more meaningful results would have emerged. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister, he must be aware that more than 272 districts of the country are affected by Naxalism. Narendra Modi must also be aware of the fact that this Naxalism has not sprung up as a hobby.
In these 272 districts, in between thousands of kilometres there are no roads, no hospitals, no education, no sign of industry. How do the people live at these places, to know that is very essential for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And, this is the same land which makes people disappointed with that system which, after Independence, was made at the time of Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and is still continuing today when Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. This system disappoints people and motivates them to take up arms, because then they feel why don’t we at least stay alive by looting, by snatching. Narendra Modi said a very important thing for a large number of people in the country approximating about 40 per cent, who don’t have a bank account, to connect them with banks. Whoever’s account will be opened in a bank will get the benefit of 1 lakh rupees insurance. This is especially for farmers, which he has linked to farmer’s suicide. We heartily welcome this announcement, but if we search for a path in this, then we cannot see a path for farmers getting the right amount for their produce or where their agricultural costs are less. We are able to understand only that if any farmer commits suicide, then the insurance company will give 1 lakh rupees to their family. If a farmer dies in any accident, then too his family dependants will get help of 1 lakh rupees. We welcome this, but instead of this it would have been better if Narendra Modi had presented a template of how agriculture can be beneficial for farmers.
If we view Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister like Manmohan Singh, then we cannot see any flaw or fault in his speech. But if after 67 years, on the nation’s 68th birthday too the people of India are to get only and only good words, good sentences, good dreams, then for us Narendra Modi is not an exceptional Prime Minister, is not a great hero, is not a man of history. However, even then we hope that Narendra Modi in the coming years will free this country from that the ill-effects
of the market, from that exploitation of the market which is keeping it out of the ambit of development. And, Narendra Modi will make the entire plan of development in such a way in which development is not only for 20 per cent people, but be for 70-80 per cent people. At least this much hope we should have from the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That is why we said, so what if we are not happy? We are not happy but then too Mr. Prime Minister, we swear and say that all those people of this country are not happy, who suffer the sorrows of life everyday, who everyday bear the wounds inflicted by the market, who everyday see their dreams die, who everyday think about taking up arms in their hands or think of gathering the courage of taking a decision to die. Such people are 70 per cent in the country. In their eyes make the sun of possibilities arise: this is our request to you.

10 Important Announcements


1. Formation of a new organisation to replace the Planning Commission.
2. Can’t our nation be clean? If billions of Indians pledge to keep the surroundings clean, can’t this nation be cleaner? What do we give Mahatma Gandhi on his October 2? People’s participation is necessary to ensure that our schools, hospitals, roads and infrastructure are clean. MPs must use their MPLAD funds to set up toilets in schools; so should corporates.
3. Every MP will make one village in his/her area a model village.
4. Through the Prime Minister’s Jan-Dhan plan, the poor will be connected to banks and every account holder will get a debit card and insurance protection of 1 lakh rupees.
5. The country will be made a manufacturing hub, from an importer India will become an exporter.
6. The resolution to make development a mission in India through skills development. NRI’s too are invited to participate in the building of the nation.
7. For development of the country we need a public private partnership (PPP) model.
8. Special stress on ending crime against women and female foeticide.
9. Development will be speeded up through e-Governance, mobile governance and tourism.
10. Appeal to end communalism and violence. It was said that with blood only land will become red, nothing else will be gained.


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