Poor BJP They Are Just Following Congress

Kamal Morarka

The prime Minister has cautioned his party members that it is not necessary for all members to speak on various subjects in public; instead they should concentrate on the development of their areas. It an advice that come a little late, atmosphere has already been spoiled by the various yogis, sadhvis, etc., making irresponsible comments. And I hope with the Prime Minister’s caution they will be restrained in their speech. Of course the Prime Minister has not spoken on the JNU fiasco he would have been reassuring; he would have said that students have nothing to fear and they should have full freedom. Arun Jaitely has been saying that there is full freedom of speech but not for the destruction of India. I haven’t understood how speech can destroy India. We are getting paranoid. This government, AVBP, VHP, RSS, and BJP are getting paranoid. India is not a glass plate that you leave it on ground and it will break. India is a big country. I don’t think anybody can break India even if you use your worst act like Maoists. Students cannot do anything they just vent out their feeling and more you guy bottle them the bigger the leader they will emerge. They have made Kanahiya Kumar a leader which he never thought of being. But a new leader has been created. So I hope the Prime Minister’s advice will be listen to by his party people. It is little late but a good step.
Secondly, we will see that the BJP has now decided to get into business of politics. All the idealism, all the anti-Congressism have gone – first in Arunachal and now in Uttrakhand. They use the same tactics – get a few MLAs here and there, pay them money, promise them Ministership is business as usual. So the party with difference has all gone. Venkaiah Naidu today made a statement that Congress is the mother of all defections, so I just said in a twit: “Poor BJP you are just following Congress.” If the Congress is defecting, you should say let Assembly be dissolve and election be held but we will not make a government. Anyway we still don’t know what will happen in Uttrakhand, we have to watch, but one thing good or bad is that BJP has understood the Indian politics cannot be won in presidential style like they won the 2014 general election on Modi’s image and personality. It is not possible as Delhi and Bihar has already shown it and other states will show it. Politics under the constitution will have to go on in the manner provided therein, nothing more nothing less. Of course the last days of Parliament have also showed that there have been some bi partisan understanding and some business in the house gets made. Of course now 25 April, second part of the budget session, which only to pass the finance bill etc, nothing major. GST is still a major problem, if they come to an understanding well and good; otherwise it is better to give up the idea for time being.
Nothing else is happening of course there are lots of noises are there – climate change and global warming, etc, which if really come to the path if really come it is dangerous thing I doubt whether India can play any major role in correcting this; we can study further and give out inputs. TERI, the Energy Research Institute, under R.K. Pachauri was doing some good work in it. With the R.K. Pachauri gone into the background, let us hope some other people do some work and present some paper on international fora.


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