Poonam Pandey says that she isn’t cut out just for bold roles. She wants to do much more…

poonam-pandey-the-controverThe actress has gone over ’bold’ in her forthcoming film ‘Nasha’. But she says: “Honestly speaking, it’s not like I have always wanted to do bold films. I would love to experiment with different types of roles.” “Right now, I haven’t thought much. I am just focusing on ‘Nasha’ right now,” the 20-year-old said during the shoot of a pole dance sequence. Even Amit Saxena, who has directed her in ‘Nasha’, vouches that Poonam has the talent to feature in all kinds of film genres.
“She would fit any genre. It’s breathtaking to watch this talent. She is absolutely new, she is doing this for the first time and there is absolutely no inhibitions that she has,” said Saxena. Talking about her capability, he said: “She has gone from comic moments to serious moments. I feel she will be able to do any genre and do full justice to it.”
‘Nasha’ tells the story of an 18-year-old boy who falls in love with an older woman, played by Poonam. The movie releases on July 26. Amit Saxena praised Poonam Pandey for being effortless in front of the camera and said that she made his work easier while shooting ‘Nasha’. “I was completely blown by the talent she (Poonam Pandey) has, by the talent that was on display and it was effortless. She was absolutely effortless,” Saxena said during the first look launch of the film.
“There was not a single moment when I felt that I am working with a newcomer or I have to be extra careful – nothing! She made it such a wonderful ride for me,” added Saxena, who had earlier helmed erotic thriller ‘Jism’. Produced by Aditya Bhatia, ‘Nasha’, an adult film, is a passionate love story between an 18-year-old boy and a 25-year-old girl. Saxena calls ‘Nasha’ a “coming of age movie”.
“The whole film is from the point of view of an 18-year-old boy. It is as innocent and as sensuous as an 18-year-old boy would imagine it to be. Nothing more, nothing less,” Saxena said.
As for Poonam Pandey who was in the Capital recently, she shot back when asked if she was using controversies to build her Bollywood career : “Am I a controversy queen? I don’t create controversies, I fall into them. I do what I feel like doing, maybe some people think it’s too gutsy for them to digest.” According to Wikipedia, Poonam Pandey was born on March 11, 1991. She was born in Bihar, brought up in Mumbai. She attended college until class 12th, and ventured into modeling. She became one of the Top eight contestants of Gladrags 2010, and appeared on the cover page of the fashion magazine. She has shot for 29 calendars for the year 2011, including the most-awaited Gladrags CalendarShe is featured in Kingfisher Calendar 2012. In 2013, she modeled naked for business times, after Kolkata Knight Riders, won the IPL 2013.-
According to rediff, “The 21-year-old starlet first made news when she announced that she would go nude if the Indian team won the World Cup in 2011. India did win, but Pandey went back on her word. Instead, she released erotic videos of herself in the bedroom and bathroom… promoting her Bollywood debut film called Nasha the starlet gave us a ring-side view of her drama. She spoke in an American accent — even though she has lived ‘all her life’ in Mumbai’s north-east suburb called Mulund  and insisted on speaking in English even though she barely knows the language. If she did not have a suitable answer, she would laugh non-stop. Through the interview, she kept her head tilted so that her hair fell just the way she wanted. ‘I left college after Class 12, as I lost interest in studies, and started modelling. I saw a hoarding of the Glad Rags Mega Model Hunt 2010 and told my father (a businessman) that I wanted to take part in it. My father said yes but he did not take me seriously.
‘I went for the auditions. I did not have any pictures of myself but yet I got selected. I was in the top seven before I got eliminated, but because of that I started getting more modelling work. I did shoots for MTV, Grammy Awards television promos in India and also the Kingfisher calendar. My parents started taking me seriously after I appeared on the Kingfisher calendar and started earning. never thought of getting into any controversies. I just said casually that if India wins the World Cup, I will go nude. I was just 19 then. Yes, I did say that in front of the media but I did not expect it to backfire. I was just a cricket fan. I wasn’t even born when India got their first World Cup in 1983. That year (2011), it looked like we were getting the World Cup back to India. Everyone was excited and doing so many things, I just took one step ahead and said I will strip. My parents were not very happy, and I faced problems at home. I was not some high society girl, but from Mulund and my neighbours looked at me like I had sinned. I had to face my parents’ anger.
I still said that if the BCCI gives permission, I will still strip. I am very stubborn and believe that if one has said something like this, one can’t back out. I still say if BCCI had allowed me to, I would have stripped naked.’


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