Politics Now Seems Driven By A Greed For Power : HAS THE ERA OF POLITICAL IDEOLOGY ENDED?

has-the-eraIt should finally be accepted that the era of ideology in politics has ended in the country, and finding any way, whatever, however it might be, to reach power has now become a new principle. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Jaiprakash Narayan, Ram Manohar Lohia, Deen Dayal Upadhyay – and if we take a name beyond them — we can also include Guru Golwalkar and the principles proposed by him. All these people have become irrelevant in today’s politics. That is why one should reach this conclusion that the era of ideology has taken farewell from the country.
The Shiv Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party are of the same belief, be it belief in Hindutva, or be it belief with regard to Muslims, be it belief regarding the way of development. Both of them came together ideologically to do a different kind of politics. But the break
between them didn’t happen over ideology; instead it was over who will be in power and who can be removed from power completely and in that stead their own party can be
established in power  this has been the main reason for the breakup. On the other side, the Congress and the National Congress Party’s principle were almost same, because of which they came together. In these principles there was secularism, including the poor in the race of development, and in these principles somewhere or the other farmers were there, even if they were big farmers. Between them too the break took place in Maharashtra because, instead of principles, more Ministers of whom should be there and who should become the Chief Minister and who could trip the other and establish complete control over power — this selfishness became dominant.
Actually an illusion has been created. That illusion is that in the name of Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party can win all the seats of the Legislative Assemblies. On the other side, after the Lok Sabha results, the by-elections in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have given the indication that Narendra Modi’s name will not work so much in the States. So the Shiv Sena here can win more seats.

The Congress and the NCP too thought that the wave that was born during the Lok Sabha elections had died down and therefore they can win more seats and this illusion broke the parties linked on the basis of ideology and once again predicated the principle that taking power in one’s hand has become the one and only principle.
The Janata Parivar is talking about becoming one. In Haryana, the former Chief Minister of Bihar raised this question in a very logical way, but the associates of Nitish Kumar himself are not very keen on uniting the Janata Parivar and because of this reason, after 1989, the Janata Parivar has gradually moved to the fringes almost everywhere. Nitish Kumar should be praised that in Bihar, he forged an alliance with Lalu Yadav, from which he got results. Actually, the biggest self-contradiction of the Janata Parivar is not considering each other equal. Every leader of the Janata Parivar is the biggest and the greatest and these leaders have also proved that when they are with Bharatiya Janata Party or the Congress, then all their ego, all their pride becomes distant and they work like adherents, but when they sit together with each other, then they are the biggest ideologues, they become the biggest leaders and become the biggest future fortune makers of the country.
This mentality has fractured the ideology of the Janata Parivar. It has also cracked the courage to fight for the poor and has also ended the possibilities of becoming a meaningful Opposition. On the other side it is a pity that no leader of the Janata Parivar is ready to learn a lesson from any of its mistakes. Now Nitish Kumar has spoken about the Janata Parivar becoming one and maybe nobody knows more than Nitish Kumar who those people are who don’t want the Janata Parivar to
become one.
The second big thing to unite the Janata Parivar, Mulayam Singh Yadav can do. Mulayam Singh Yadav, even after promising, didn’t reach the Jind rally in Haryana, where the rest of his associates were going to reach. Maybe Mulayam Singh Yadav’s health was not fine. He sent his brother Shivpal Singh to Jind and Shivpal Singh even gave a powerful speech there, but the presence of Mulayam Singh was necessary. Shival Yadav to an extent filled that gap, but if Mulayam Singh Yadav had reached there, then people would have believed that the way had been paved for the Janata Parivar to become united.
Should we believe that now there is no will power left in any political party to do politics on the basis of ideology, or that all political parties have reached that place from where there is some way – any possible way — to reach power in any possible way. If this is true, then one day the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress Party can become allies, all the political parties that are there, including the Communist parties, by forming an alliance with one or the other can share power. In this there is only one danger — that in this whole exercise – the public is somewhere far and distant and the work that should be done for the public is somewhere far and distant. In this whole exercise, the only benefit will be to the corporate sector.
Second, big capitalists or big corporate families of the country are somewhere behind this whole exercise. Corporate families don’t want that something comes to 70 per cent population of this country. However this game is very dangerous. If 70 per cent will remain outside the stream of development and nothing will reach them, then the whole political system of this country will break down. And it will reach its final logical result, where in the country more faith will be engendered for dictatorship, less for democracy.


Om Prakash Chautala remained the biggest reason for the success of the Jind rally. For 20 months he had to remain at a distance from the people of Haryana. This was the reason why upon his call people from every district and town of Haryana reached Jind. This rally was the biggest rally of Haryana till now. 10 lakh people participated in it. Many people compared this rally to the historic rally of Chaudhary Devilal. Most of the people in this rally had come to see and listen to Om Prakash Chautala.  This rally proved that Om Prakash Chautala is not only the biggest leader of Haryana, but is a mass leader. Upon his arrival, the atmosphere of the rally became charged. This rally has changed the atmosphere of the coming Haryana elections. After this rally, the morale of the Chautala family and INLD supporters has strengthened and it has become a strong contender to win the Haryana elections.




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