Politics and L’affaire Robert Vadra Mathematical Calculations May Not Work

Whatever Robert Vadra has done is not strange. Whoever are in business, they adopt the same sort of approaches and increase their property. The only difference is that they are not linked with the party in power, whereas the relation of Robert Vadra is directly with the party in power and that too such a close relation with the ruling party that he is the son-in-law of an all-powerful lady and the controller of the present Government, Shrimati Sonia Gandhi ; and the brother-in-law of the prospective Prime Minister of India, if he so becomes, Rahul Gandhi. If we believe the news then Rahul Gandhi does not now want to become the Prime Minister and wants to spend all his time with his mother in the country and abroad, because the health of his mother is not that good. He wants Priyanka Gandhi to come into politics and take the responsibility of the post of the Prime Minister of India. This means that Robert Vadra is the husband of the prospective Prime Minister of India in the future. So the steps taken by Robert Vadra to enlarge his business reflect an unusual, abnormal situation.
Robert Vadra might never be able to understand that if the people who have such a close relation with the party in power do anything then it becomes a subject of discussion among the common people. People take into consideration that not only is there the pressure of the party in power behind this property and wealth acquisition, but it also has the help of the party in power. The relation of Robert Vadra with Delhi Land & Finance (DLF) is the result of this game of power. Since Robert Vadra neither comes from a political family, nor does he have any experience in politics, he will never be able to understand that the people staying at the top level of the party in power remain very cautious that any of their sons, daughters, son-in-law or relative’s name should never figure in any scandal. In these circumstances there is no other way apart from resignation. Since Robert Vadra does not know this, he was not cautious and managed to take on the onus of all those people who wanted to earn huge money by staying attached with the party in power. This might be the reason he described India as a banana republic.

Robert Vadra is an upcoming politician. When Priyanka Gandhi goes for any rally or does election promotion with her mother, especially in Rae Bareli and Amethi, then Robert Vadra is seen smiling more than Priyanka Gandhi and shaking hands with the people more than Priyanka Gandhi. As if the public has come to see and listen to him. Now a new desire is awakening in him, he wants to become a Member of Parliament.

A banana republic is believed to mean a country where only the wish of the ruler is the law, whether he loots, robs or rapes. The entire Congress and the Ministers of the Congress came to the aid of Robert Vadra. Coming to his aid is natural, because all of them want to prove their loyalty in the eyes of Sonia Gandhi. But loyalty was not proved with this, flattery was proved. Weird and weirder logic came. The Home Minister of the country said there is no need for an investigation. The Congress spokesperson said, if investigation was not sought then what sort of investigation, and the Opposition, in which the first name is of the BJP, never demanded for an investigation in a compelling manner. It is an irony that apart from the Congress and the BJP no other party has even opened its mouth on the issue. That is why we are a banana republic.
Thinking that the public is foolish is a habit with politicians. All political parties do the same. Robert Vadra is an upcoming politician. When Priyanka Gandhi goes for any rally or does election promotion with her mother, especially in Rae Bareli and Amethi, then Robert Vadra is seen smiling more than Priyanka Gandhi and shaking hands with the people more than Priyanka Gandhi. As if the public has come to see and listen to him. Now a new desire is awakening in him, he wants to become a Member of Parliament. In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the name of Sanjay Singh from Sultanpur as the candidate was not announced because Robert Vadra was about to contest the elections from there. This time he wants to contest the election from Sultanpur again. This means that Sanjay Singh is not going to get the ticket this time around. Maybe Robert Vadra has confidence that the public even after knowing his entire economic crimes is going to elect him. Robert Vadra has perhaps caused damage to his present wife Priyanka Robert Vadra as well. Priyanka Gandhi hesitates in putting the word Vadra before her name, but Robert Vadra wants to make this word very popular. The people have started to feel that the brain of Priyanka Gandhi might be as sharp as that of her brother Rahul Gandhi and she has more fool proof techniques than her husband. This way of thinking of the people is not a lucky indication for Priyanka Gandhi.
Robert Vadra should also be prepared for a few more questions, like after all what were those circumstances as a result of which his father got ready to fight for the Lok Sabha elections from Rae Bareli against his mother-in-law and that too on the ticket of the BJP. In spite of finishing all the preparations for the nomination, he dropped out from contesting the election at the last moment and within a span of few months why did he commit suicide? In the same way why did his brother also commit suicide? His sister died in a road accident and many of his sister’s friends committed suicide. All these might be coincidences, but if there is in any story behind these coincidences then that story might now create some problems for Robert Vadra.
Politics is such a field where if you don’t do anything, then too you are charged with false allegations. Here Robert Vadra has done a lot of things, so charges will be put on him along with salt and chillies. Robert Vadra should remember the withdrawal of Amitabh Bachchan from politics. When Amitabh Bachchan was in politics then everything he did was seen with a microscope. That is why, after getting irritated he took ‘sanyas’ from politics, but Robert Vadra is not as sensitive as Amitabh Bachchan. He feels that India is his fiefdom, people living here are his slaves and whenever he wants, whom so ever he wants, he can help and he can also charge service tax in return for his help. The entire Indian Government is there for his security and the Congress party in political terms. Robert Vadra has had a lot of information leaked to the media about the differences between himself and Priyanka Gandhi. He also stayed a lot outside the country, because he feared that the Supreme Court might give an order to investigate his association in the 2G scam. He stayed in the most costly hotel in New York for a month with his wife Priyanka Gandhi and their two children, which gave proof that there was no disagreement currently between Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi.
For a long time, the drawing room of Robert Vadra was the coffee shop of the Oberoi Hotel. He was often seen there and his meetings with some of the most moneyed people in the country also took place there. Now he should come back to India and face the allegations against him. Incidents like those of Robert Vadra might give birth to anger in the minds of the people against the Congress. The Ministers of the Congress are continuously giving evidence of their intelligent brain. They are saying that DLF gave land to Robert Vadra, but the trust of Prashant Bhushan was also given land in Shimla. The Ministers of the Congress have become masters in making false allegations and in giving false statements, because the Congress does not want to follow its own tradition. Shrimati Indira Gandhi always fought a political battle, but the Congress now is different from the Congress of Indiraji and is a different family from that of the family of Indira Gandhi. May be the Congress intentionally wants to hand over power to the BJP, so that they can take power back from the BJP five years later. But everything in politics does not happen according to mathematical calculations. Politics is not a landscape, politics is a moving cloudscape.


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