Politicising Reality And The Truth

The name of Arvind Kejriwal has been in the headlines in recent times. He is being asked many kinds of questions and he is asking people many kinds of questions. The beginning of this dispute or Arvind Kejriwal happened when Anna Hazare wrote a letter to Arvind Kejriwal. However, even though the letter was personal, Arvind Kejriwal wanted to reply to it by calling a press conference. Perhaps he wanted to prove that the letter Annaji had written had no special meaning, but the reply that Arvind would give, had a special meaning, but the sides got reversed and when the bundle opened, a lot of things came out of it.
Many questions arise. Like who put pressure on Anna? Who got the letter written? Through what medium did the letter reach Arvind Kejriwal? On these questions, Arvind Kejriwal created an atmosphere of confusion and went far away from the points and issues. In Anna’s letter there were seven questions, out of which Arvind answered three and did not answer four questions. The three questions that he did answer, they were either incomplete or beyond the truth. This letter of Anna was a letter written by a true Gandhian to an old friend, in which Anna wrote that I have faith that there will be no truth in the concerns which I have expressed in this letter, but because such things are coming out, therefore, I am writing this letter to you to clarify the situation and position.
In the letter, clarifications were sought on many issues. For instance, Anna’s name should not used be for election publicity and propaganda. Was money collected on his name? Apart from a clarification sought on talk linked to a sim card, there were also some other questions. Arvind Kejriwal did not answer fully these questions and his own old colleagues are making allegations against him of the answers not being correct, but this is not the question and issue, the question and issue is different.
The question and issue is that when Arvindji formed his party, then after forming the party Arvind and some of his friends said that within two to three months Annaji will be with us. That is, he will begin campaigning for the Aam Aadmi party. If he will not campaign, he will extend patronage. This was an indicator that they firmly believed that because they had left Anna, he had now returned to his village Ralegan Siddhi. Now who will be with him? When Anna will become despondent just sitting there, then he will call his old colleagues again. After that these people did not go to meet Anna.

Even today Anna Hazare is standing against corruption with the  Tricolour in his hand; and for a change in the system, to protect the honour of the Tricolour, and to bring true democracy in the country, is ready even today at the age of seventy six to  go to villages and by lanes in the entire country. A mishap happened, a very big mishap. This should be accepted, but such mishaps do not stop the feet of a person like Anna.

Anna repeatedly requested his other colleagues to start a movement and hold a meeting in Patna. He was disappointed from there too. Finally, on 30 January 2013, a meeting of Anna was held in the Gandhi Maidan at Patna. Nearly two lakh people gathered at this meeting. This was an entirely public based meeting. This meeting of Anna’s startled all those people who were waiting for Anna to become despondent or fail. After this, Arvindji and his associates may not perhaps have met Anna even four or five times.
Certainly, there were talks on the phone, but from the time after this issue of the letter came up, a round of truths and falsehoods began. I am not disclosing that here, but it is sad that some senior people in the Aam Aadmi party alleged that there was someone who was creating a rift between Arvind and Anna. It is curious that it is those people who are playing this game of allegations who have already played games with Anna Hazare.
When Anna was sitting on a fast at the Ram Lila Maidan in Delhi, then too these people must perhaps have done the same thing that they have done now – made allegations that there is someone who has ‘encircled’ Annaji. There is someone who does not allow Arvind Kejriwal to speak to Anna. Arvindji also said that there is someone who does not want that I should speak to Anna Hazareji. How much truth there is in these charges, to clarify this it may be a situation could come to ask for mobile call details, but I do not want to put them in the distressing situation where they show their mobile call details after three numbers, from which how many calls and ‘smses’ these people made and sent to Anna’s secretary in his office with a request to talk to him will become evident. I am not demanding explanations for this either, but it is regrettable that even after staying with Anna for so many days you could not understand him.
After forty five years of a spotless, blemishless life does a name like Anna Hazare get created and those people who, by leaping around like a frog, want to race in the corridors of power, their name is something else. Anna Hazare cannot come under pressure from anyone, neither can he be misled, and nor can he get sidetracked. Those people could not understand him, therefore they began making allegations. As if Anna Hazare is some puppet, which anybody can get to dance at any time under their direction. These people made another deceitful and dishonest allegation that it was by spending a hundred crore of rupees that the letter from Anna got written. I believe that the people who have made this allegation are really not worthy of the place which they want to reach. These people did not even have any scruples that by saying such things they are insulting nobody else but Anna Hazare. They are presenting Anna Hazare before the country as a person who can be distracted and led astray by people’s talk.
Anna Hazare is firm and steadfast over his points even today. He believes that it is unconstitutional for political parties to stand in the elections. Anna Hazare has clarified that in the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 he will campaign for people’s candidates. He said that if in these elections in the country even 500 people’s candidate stand up, he will campaign for them to go to the Lok Sabha, but he will never campaign for a candidate for the Vidhan Sabha ( assembly) elections because he believes that if the system in the country has to be changed, then it can be done only through the Lok Sabha and not the Vidhan Sabha elections.
And if somebody has distanced Arvind Kejriwal and his associates from Anna Hazare, these people themselves are responsible for it, because it is the point from where there are two mutually conflicting directions. People who go in mutually conflicting directions are separate, they never meet. These people did not accept some of Anna’s main principles. Anna Hazare did not want to form a political party. These people formed one. After the party was formed, Anna separated himself from these people and said that neither will I join the party, nor will my photo be used in favour of the party and neither can my name be used. Inspite of and after this public announcement by Anna, the Aam Aadmi party used Anna’s name during the Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections and that too without his permission. Not only this, after the sting operation CD came, the Aam Aadmi party still used Anna’s name for the election campaign and now these people are innocently saying that we are not using it, on our name someone else is using Anna Hazare’s name for publicity for the party. If so, then why did you not get a First Information Report (FIR) lodged with the police in this regard, that without our cognisance someone is using Anna Hazare’s name for party publicity for the election in our name. These are the same tricks that the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress adopt. You win the Delhi Assembly elections. You form a Government in Delhi. Congratulations to you, but the manner in which the Chief Ministers of Delhi have till now not done anything with regard to improving the fortunes of Delhi, of the lives of a large section to make them happy, you will be 19 or 18 from that.
The hope of change which the Anna movement had provided, the crime of breaking that movement and crushing the faith of the people has been due to many people. But this does not mean that the movement against corruption has stopped or that people will now hesitate to talk about changing the system, it is not like that at all. Even today Anna Hazare is standing against corruption with the Tricolour in his hand; and for a change in the system, to protect the honour of the Tricolour, and to bring true democracy in the country, is ready even today at the age of seventy six to go to villages and by lanes in the entire country. A mishap happened, a very big mishap. This should be accepted, but such mishaps do not stop the feet of a person like Anna. The paths of a person like Anna do not get blocked. The sooner his old colleagues understand this, the better it will be for them and for the country as well. Otherwise, history has prepared many corners for such people who, distant from the facts, politicise reality and the truth.


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