Politicians, Beware : People’s Cup Of Patience Is Full

A very big incident happened in Chhattisgarh. A Congress convoy being shot at, about 29 people being killed, calling out people’s name to kill them and after that, the people whose lives had been saved giving different kinds of statements to the media. The killing of policemen after surrounding them, their becoming helpless victims and after that people from the police making allegations against the Government. Are both these incidents connected to the law and order situation, which both the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party want to prove? The Congress says that the State Government did not give adequate security, otherwise this incident would not have happened and the State Government is saying that the Central Government is not giving it adequate security personnel, so how can it face the Naxalites?
The question is that either after 65 years our mind has become so stupid that we cannot see the truth, or then we deliberately do not want to see truth. The truth is that our political system does not want all-round development in the country. After Independence, a Government of almost every party stayed at the Centre and in the States too the Governments kept changing. In spite of this every State in the country seems to be deprived of just development. Being deprived of just development on the one hand and not getting normal, general facilities on the other, those who are in the backward category or who do not come in the developed part of the State – that is another sad thing. Our political leadership has never tried to peep into those areas where there are no roads, no electricity, no drinking water and because of high prices people are unable to eat enough. If the political leadership had seen this situation and felt it seriously, then the situation would not have come today where politicians fear walking on the roads. The reality is that political leaders do not come out on the roads today; they only go to do shopping in a mall or go to a large restaurant to have a meal. They do not ever go to a small restaurant. Behind this, their black money is at work, but more than that it is fear. By going to ordinary places they do not want to become the centre of public outrage. When this is the condition of politicians in the country, we can understand what must be the state of mind of a large part of the bureaucracy, which does not have much interest anyway in the development of the country or in solving problems. The whole country runs on the will of the political leadership and in today’s politicians neither is there a will, nor any understanding nor any vision for the future.

People are very angry, but it is a matter of regret that politicians just do not understand this. Even today, in place of development, by speaking of a law and order problem, they want to hide their deficiency, their dereliction, their lack of intelligence, their sins.

This incident in Chhattisgarh has confirmed that the people have reached that final level where in their minds there is now no desire for those in power. They believe that all parties are the same and perhaps because of this party system there is corruption in the country, inflation, unemployment and unequal development. This perception of the people has brought them to the state of mind in which they want to make their own laws. Neither do the people have any faith in the police, nor on the Lok Sabha-Vidhan Sabhas and now its faith on the judiciary has also begun to waver. After the Chhattisgarh incident, some television journalists went into the jungles and sent pictures to their channels, seeing which the hairs of politicians should have stood on end. Seeing these pictures it seemed that we were living in even worse conditions than those living in African countries. The footage from television cameras shows that neither are there roads anywhere, nor is there water, nor is there justice, nor is there development, nor are there schools, no hospitals and neither is there any possibility of getting them. This situation is not of thousands or even lakhs of people, but of crores of people. Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, the entire North East, all the districts in States that are contiguous to the border, of which Kashmir is amongst the most major. In all these districts, a large part of the population is living an existence even worse than that in Africa. Bit by bit the problems have grown so much that people no longer want to hear about improving the situation. The people are very angry, but it is a matter of regret that politicians just do not understand this. Even today, in place of development by speaking of a law and order problem, they want to hide their deficiency, their dereliction, their lack of intelligence, their sins.
Chhattisgarh or the States we are mentioning, their problem is not of law and order. Their problem is of development, and that too just and balanced development. But whether they be television channels, politicians or officers, the refrain of sending the army has started like a raaga Bhairavi. On television, a lot of mindless people are giving statements advocating sending the army. They do not know that once the army is made to fight with the people of its own country in a problem ridden area like Chhattisgarh, then it will not stop there but go right up to Raisina Hills, where the President resides. In a democratic country the army has only one role and whoever is talking of a role for the army other than that is an enemy not just of democracy but of the nation. The youth of this country and intellectuals should raise this voice : If politicians throughout the entire country do not walk on the path of balanced development and do not demand a stop to talk of using the army, we have no hesitation in saying that the coming days for this country are not very good.
The degree and amount of damage that politicians have done to this country, especially politicians of large parties, that much damage was not done even by those who ruled over us for years. Political parties do not have any roadmap of any kind of future and therefore they want to inveigle the people with false promises. After all for sixty five years the public has been seeing the game of false promises. My broad estimate and assessment is that people have understood that in this country political parties are responsible for corruption, inflation, unemployment and imbalanced development, bad education and lax health services. I have hunted and sifted through all those papers and documents in which political parties have made promises to the public, but nowhere was I able to see those promises being fulfilled. However, I certainly did find statements blowing their own trumpet, praising themselves. Some say that we have fulfilled 90 out of 100 promises, some say we have fulfilled 80 promises. These politicians do not understand at all that if they had fulfilled the promises made, would people have looked at political parties contemptuously, the way it is doing today? Almost daily, politicians forget that if they do not listen to the problems of the people, the people will adopt unconstitutional means to make their problems heard. But ‘blessed’ are those political leaders who cannot hear ‘nagaras’ (sonorous musical instruments) sounding through day, cannot hear the people’s pain blowing like a conch shell, are unable to see the pain, the suffering, the tears of the people. Then why should we hesitate to say that if you cannot see and cannot hear, then you must be prepared for situations like Chhattisgarh and should wait for the time when such types of incidents begin taking place on a very large scale in this country  because the people’s cup of patience is full to the brim and it can spill over at any time, break at any time.


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