Philips ‘Hue lux’ App-Controlled LED Bulb Goes up for Pre-Order

philips_hue_lux_bulbsPhilips, one of the leading makers of LED lights, has announced that the company’s all new Hue lux LED bulbs – which can be controlled via smartphone apps – are now up for pre-order. The company has revealed that the new Philips Hue lux LED bulbs will be available for pre-order from Apple’s online store and Amazon. The Hue lux LED bulbs’ colour and brightness can be wirelessly controlled via the Philips Hue smartphone and tablet app from Google Play, Amazon Appstore for Android, and the App Store. The company announced the news on Twitter.The all new Hue lux bulbs are available for pre-order as a starter kit that contains two Hue lux bulbs and a Hue bridge, while, it is also available for pre-booking at the Apple Store as a single pack that has a single Philips Hue lux bulb. 9to5toys notes that the Philips Hue lux LED bulbs can be expected to be available by next month. Announced in March and initially expected to hit markets by the summer, the Philips Hue lux LED bulbs can be installed by screwing the bulbs into regular holders and plugging the bridge into the home’s Wi-Fi router.
Price: Hue lux bulbs starter kit: $194.99 (roughly Rs. 11,900) at Amazon ( contains two Hue lux bulbs and a Hue bridge). As a single pack at the Apple Store (single Philips Hue lux bulb): $29.95 (roughly Rs. 1,800).


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