Coalgate is again in the news – they have now filed a fresh FIR including the name of one of the largest business houses in India and its Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla. The former Coal Secretary P C Parakh who is known to be an upright person has also been included in the FIR. He has justifiably reacted that the Minister in charge was the Prime Minister and he should also be named. Unfortunately, this whole sequence of events will never end. What is required in the interests of the country is to give it a good closure and the only way to close it is to cancel all the coal allotments made under the system, devise a new proper procedure, invite tenders or auction or whatever and then allocate afresh. This is the only way to save the country from further embarrassment. Filing an FIR, giving CBI the authority without making it autonomous makes no sense. CBI is an arm of the Government and a pretty inefficient and a corrupt arm of the Government everybody knows it. Either the CBI officials make money out of embarassing business people or political higher-ups make money.
In this particular case, the country’s image is at stake now in international circles and the quickest and the best way is to cancel all allocations and if the Government can’t cancel them the Supreme Court should. Just filing fresh FIRs everyday and allowing the newspapers to run amok with interesting, scurrilous, salacious stories will be of no help to the country, will be of no use. We are only trying to increase the circulation of dubious newspapers belonging to the corporate houses and the country is in no way helped. I don’t know what the Prime Minister thinks on this matter and whoever has collected money will naturally feel bad but we are talking of the interests of the country, not of individuals. The Supreme Court instead of ordering an inquiry and telling the CBI to take action, on the 2G licenses, it should cancel all licenses en masse and forget about criminal investigation and action. Just go for fresh bidding and whichever business houses have paid money, either to bureaucrats or politicians will lose their money which they deserve to, because what they have done is improper in procedure, in content, morally, legally and every which way. That’s the only way to solve this problem.
Secondly, I have just heard that some gold is being excavated for in UP. Some politician or some saint has seen a dream. I don’t know how much money the Government will spend on these exercises and well, its too much to believe that someone can dream about gold and gold can be found even in the 21st century. Such stories get currency and the Government takes action. But one can’t say much about these things, one must wait and watch.
Elections are coming and as it is important, the atmosphere in the country is very bad, economy is bad, political situation is bad. There is a general atmosphere of loose functioning, and corruption and in this atmosphere, the Government should at least arrest further scams from coming out. Whatever they do now must be done in the proper procedure. I’m sure the Prime Minister is a competent person and he should be given a free hand to set matters right. The political powers that be decide one day to bring an Ordinance and their own people again publicly ridicule the Ordinance and they think they have brought ridicule on the Prime Minister and the Government  no, it is not so. They have brought ridicule on the party itself. The party’s core committee is not functioning properly. You can’t have the President of the party saying one thing and the Vice President saying another thing. It is not correct. They must seriously sit down if they feel that the Supreme Court judgement is a flawed judgement. It is not as per law. Even former Supreme Court judges have commented that the judgement is not legitimate as per law. Yes, the public view is to act against the convicted politicians. Parliament must act, not courts. Parliament’s work has been taken over by courts which is again not a good sign for democracy.


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