Parliament Has Lost the Right to be at the Apex

The vision behind the making of the Parliament of India was to solve the democratic problems and the challenges faced by democracy along with improving the effectiveness of democracy. In other words, for the world, our Parliament is the face of  Indian democracy. In the same manner in which signs of any affliction in the body can be seen in the human face as well, similarly the positive and the negative signs of Indian democracy can  be easily seen by looking at the state of the Parliament. Today the Parliament of India is not being able to find the answers to the questions which are arising in the country. Not finding answers to the questions is a type of weakness, but inability to find the reasons behind the questions is its incapability and this Parliament is not been able to find out the reasons behind any of the issues. Should it be taken for granted that unemployment, inflation, corruption, bad governance or ineffective administration, the increasing crime rate or then people’s disappointment towards the entire system will never be among the subjects of worry for  Parliament and Parliament will never be seen getting troubled by these questions ?
No matter how much we respect Parliament, what difference does it make if a majority of the country’s people say that this Parliament has changed into a club of those people who do not have any connection with the problems of the country. When Sharad Yadav asks  why the people do not find honest individuals in Parliament, then he should also search for the causes behind this. Sharad Yadav on using the knowledge of his own Samajwadi principles, would be able to find that on all four sides of Parliament there stands an inhuman, insensitive, impenetrable and invisible wall which tries to keep away the people’s problems. One cannot see across this wall where a glass coloured with corruption, inflation, unemployment is placed and from which nothing can be seen inside. After trying hard many times, when anybody manages to peek through the mirror, then the faces of the people and all the parties sitting in Parliament appear to be unfamiliar, unknown and insensitive. People apart from their own party cannot see people of another party. The sounds which come outside, their tone cannot be heard in different Ragas; instead they seem to be the chorus of that group whose voice is against the betterment of the people. We took the name of Sharad Yadav because his is the only voice which can be often heard in the Parliament, speaking in favour of the people. But if we ask Sharad Yadav himself to name four names like himself, whose language and style or understanding resembles  him, then he won’t be able to do so. The Leftist members do  sometimes speak, but their language and style can be understood only by themselves. The language which the common people cannot understand has no meaning. That language which cannot define people’s sorrows, trouble and pain, of what  use is that language for the people? This refers to only about the statements of those members sitting in Parliament, and not to their deeds. If we speak about the deeds of the members of the Parliament, then there are many such members in Parliament, who while being in the Cabinet got caught in the circle of corruption and went to jail. There are many members who even after staying at the post of the Prime Minister have lost their credibility. What would be the number of members who have been punished by any one of the Courts on account of any crime, this is perhaps not known even to the members of the Parliament themselves. Even if we ignore these issues, on the basis of principles, the tasks that should  be done by the Parliament, are they doing them? If  Parliament is not doing these tasks, then this kind of Parliament means that it is meant only for the members of  Parliament and means nothing for anybody else. The rumour markets are always alive and hot when it comes to  members of  Parliament. The questions asked by the members of Parliament for the sake of public interest are few, and there are more in favour or against the companies or different lobbies. In the context of saying, people are also saying that if they need to take a signature for a recommendation letter from any member of  Parliament, then in the majority of cases signatures cannot be ‘done’  without gifts.

No matter how much we respect Parliament, what difference does it make if a majority of the country’s people say that this Parliament has changed into a club of those people who do not have any connection with the problems of the country. Who is in power, who is in the opposition, its investigation has almost become impossible. And so  when you say that Parliament is the supreme and the apex body, it is really surprising.

Declared in 1950 as an Indian Republic, what kind of Parliament is this, where it is now difficult to differentiate between the characters of the elected members of Parliament ?  Jawaharlalji Lal Bahadur Shastriji and Indiraji, right upto  the time of Rajiv Gandhi too, the face of the party in power and the opposition was clear. But now, who is in power, who is in the opposition, its investigation has almost become impossible. So when you say that  Parliament is the supreme and the apex body, it is really surprising. If the Parliament is the supreme, apex body then why can’t it see the farmers problem of seeds, why don’t the suicides committed by  farmers  trouble them? The facilities for the farmers that should be provided by the Government, why is the Parliament silent on these issues? Unemployment of the youth, the broken infrastructure of education and health, minority dalits, backward and the poor people’s tears, why are these not the reasons for anxiety for this supreme Parliament? Are all these names and the problems related to these utterly meaningless? Why is this supreme and apex Parliament not troubled by the spread of Naxalism in 272 districts of the country? Is  Parliament able to understand that the increase in Naxalism is because of the activities of ISI, CIA and Mossad like organisations, or may be the Parliament is thinking that in those 272 districts development has taken place, roads have been constructed, electricity is available, there is no inflation, ways of reducing unemployment have been found, schools and hospitals for education and health are being opened. Inspite of this,  people residing in those districts are ungrateful towards democracy and are making false noise.
The opinion of the common people about Parliament is somewhat like the opinion held for those people who are insensitive, cruel and selfish, who apart from their own benefits just cannot see the benefit of others. The members of Parliament too do not want to change this image of themselves. That is why during the debates that are held in Parliament, the Parliament itself is not seen. The camera of the Lok Sabha TV after 1 PM in the afternoon by mistake tattles that members present in Parliament are less than that of the required quorum. If any member raises any question then the bell of the quorum rings and the Parliament gets adjourned for some time. The ‘incompletion’ of the quorum is a living example of the insensitivity of the party in power and the opposition. Are the members of Parliament themselves not insulting the Parliament and if we politely say that this misdemeanour of the members of the Parliament neither concerns the Chairperson of the Lok Sabha nor the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, then are our statements full of exaggeration? If the members of Parliament wish then they can give answers to us. There is now no point in saying anything about the Government. The Government is autocratic, insensitive, one-sided and has achieved expertise in making decisions totally against the benefits of the common people. In Parliament there is not a single member now like Chandra Shekhar and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who ask questions standing alone and when they say something Parliament listens to them.
And you want us to consider this Parliament as the apex body. No, we do not consider you as the apex body; we do not consider you to be sensitive, we do not consider you to be in support of the poor. Today the public has also reached this decision and tomorrow when they will have to give their decisions, they will not give their verdict in your favour. The public is waiting for such people to now reach Parliament,  who will promise to resolve their problems within six months of their election. The problems of the public are clear — inflation, corruption, unemployment, education, health, electricity and water. If anyone does not have the solutions to resolve these problems, then the public might now hesitate to elect them. The time is changing, masks from the faces are coming off, the failure of the political system and its hollowness is coming before the people. It may be possible that the country might try again to make history by writing a new parable. All possible efforts will be made to stop the writing of this parable, but the people with a hope of life will turn all these efforts into failure. Parliament should understand that we are not writing about these issues; these issues are in the minds of the people of this country, and we are merely providing the words, a mode of expression. We repeat that you have lost the right to be the apex body. Those who are technically superior, they are dictators and those who are paramount in the hearts, they are the leaders of the people.


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