Pakistan is non-ally & sponsor of terrorism: US think-tanks

pak-usaUS think-tanks have recommended to the Trump administration to keep the option open for declaring Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism. They recommended the Trump use the policy of scaring Pakistan.

A group of eminent South Asian experts from 10 major American think tanks has prepared a report for the Trump Administration. The report is titled as ‘A New US Approach to Pakistan: Enforcing Aid Conditions without Cutting Ties’. It blames Pakistan’s military for disrupting peace efforts pursued by Indian and Pakistani civilian rulers.

The report says, “Pakistani military leaders continue to support terrorist groups that attack India in an effort to keep it off balance and to draw international mediation into the dispute with India over Kashmir.”

The most damning remark in this report is what India has been telling the world that terrorism is a part of Pakistan’s Foreign policy. The Report echoed “Pakistan’s use of terrorist groups as part of its security and foreign policy is a function of its obsession with India, which it perceives as an existential threat. From an outside perspective, Pakistan’s paranoia regarding India is unfounded.”


The working group, which compiled the report, wants the United States to recognise that its efforts over several decades to strengthen Pakistan militarily have only “encouraged those elements in Pakistan that hope someday to wrest Kashmir from India through force”.

The report asked the Trump administration to “avoid viewing and portraying Pakistan as an ally and deal with it as a non-ally, which has engaged in supporting the Afghan Taliban.”

The experts who compiled the report also want the Trump administration to work with China and Gulf Arab states to persuade Pakistan to stop tolerating terrorist groups and individuals.

Pakistan’s tolerance for terror groups also undermines the country itself, corroding its stability and civilian governance and damaging its investment climate, as well as inflicting death and injury on thousands of its own innocent citizens, it said. .


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